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Friday, December 31, 2010

Pixie Wings and Sparrow Things

The day I purchased my snips jar, one of my thoughts was that it would take forever to fill.  What a surprise to see that the snips are indeed mounting up at more than a turtle's pace.  I now not only have snips from pixie wings in there, but more from the same pixie's dress and hair.  I'll look back when the jar is totally full and think about the trip to visit Pam and Gary, and where we were when she saw the chart for the pixie.  She loved it and I told her that I would do it up for her.  That was the first time in 30 plus years that I saw Pam and Gary.  What fun we had!
     Now the pixie is all finished and I'm working on "Eye On The Sparrow" from Silver Creek Samplers.  This is my type of piece.  I love the subject of the piece and I love the colors.  On top of the soft and pastel colors of the pixie goes the deeper colors of this project.  

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