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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Egyptian Onion

Just look at this beauty! We brought a few "bulbs" down from NH when we moved here six years ago.  We knew that if nothing else we brought grew here, that our Egyptian Onions would.  Sure enough, and every  bit as well as they had.  So easy to grow, and if left alone, they'll grow themselves! LOL.  The onions grow from the top of the plant, and if just left on the plant, the stalk will eventually bend or fall over.  Once that happens, a new plant will start growing.  If you want to share these plants, just dig them up and replant.  I don't think we've ever lost one from moving them.  We cut the stalks up to cook up with vegetables or by themselves.  You can also cut them up small and mix them with salads, tunafish or whatever.  The tiny onions on top can be eaten uncooked or cooked. Instead of hiding these outback this year, I decided to put them right in the flower garden out front. 

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