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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Welcome and An Apology

     Good Saturday morning to all my dear friends and followers.  It has been a very different, busy and disturbing week here at our house.  I should say, within our family.  Praise the Lord.  Everyone is okay.  There has been no accidents or anything such as that.  Let me just ask for prayers for my young grandson, Matthew who suffers with Aspergers, and remind all my sweet followers here that  all of the family members of these children are involved.  They all suffer, but the ones who suffer the most are the ones with the autizm.  He has daily struggles and what things that are very easy for us to deal with are mountains for him. He is spending at least a few days here with us.  His tutor comes here each day and his dad is spending a lot of time with him after his work day and all.  His dad "my son" and my little daughter-in-law have done and are doing all they can to help Matthew.  So much of it is entirely up to Matthew now.  He's a brilliant little boy.  I say little as though he's 15, in so many ways he's still ten.  So thank you for any prayers at all for him.

     My apology for neglecting my comments from all of you.  I read each and every one that comes in and always answers them as quickly as I can.  Be sure that you know how much I appreciate them.  The past several days though have been very trying.  I am going back to each comment right after I finish this post and catch up with them.

     I want to welcome two new followers here! Thank you so much to you both for stopping in and deciding that you like it here! I love people and love making new friends.  Whether you have my same interests or not, I want to know you and find out what the things are that you enjoy.  So welcome, welcome and welcome.
First is Melinda from Merry Wind Farm.  Melinda makes beautiful hooked rugs, mats, etc.  You'll love her fur babies and you'll love her home.  Check it out at Merry Wind Farm.  The next lady I want to welcome is Jane.  Hi Jane! Jane has just started in the blogging world and has a fine start indeed.  A very pretty blog.  Newsy.  Fun to visit and she does some beautiful needlework.  So stop on over to  Jane's Stitching Blog for a visit.

     As for the needlework since my last post.....I've knitted quite a lot on my son's scarf and that has been all.  About half done, and once it is done I'll pick up my cross stitching again.  Once of my sweet followers asked me what the pattern was for the cross stitch and I will be answering that question for her.  Will offer to send her a copy of it as well.

     Do want to leave you with at least once photo, so here you go ladies.

     My two sweet little grand daughters.  Miss Hadley on the left and big sister, Miss Emma on the right.  Are they not the cutest little girls? Love those babies so much.

     Last picture is of my two sons.  Guy on the left and big brother, Allen "Skeet" on the right.  Taken at Cherry Point just a couple months back.

     Now my dear followers, I'll let you go.  Love each of you.  Have a wonderful blessed weekend and until next time stay safe and well as well as warm and,,,,,remember to "feel the colors".  



  1. Handsome sons and gorgeous granddaughters! My sons' half brother is at Cherry Point, too.

    1. Terri! I would love to know what your son's half brother does at Cherry Point. My son works with the Harriers. My son is Gunny Sgt. Guy Littlefield.

      Thank you so much for the compliments and come back soon.

  2. What a beautiful family you have Linda. My prayers go out to you and your family. I can't even imagine the every day trials and tribulations they have to endure.

    1. Thank you so much Myra. It's heart breaking to know that you can't fix these things. Thank you so much for stopping in.

  3. Hi Linda, I just discovered your blog. You have a beautiful family and beautiful stitching! Your grandson is in my thoughts.

    1. Hello Pikaboo and welcome! I'm so glad you decided to become my latest follower. Thank you for your lovely comments and the thoughts of my grandson. Come back soon!

  4. Linda, all of you and Matthew will be in my thoughts and prayers. I also have a grandson who has had problems with speech and coordination. He was diagnosed with Aprexia at age 3. There have been challenges with him. He is very intelligent and we love him--a teenager now.

  5. Marie~ Thank you so much for dropping in leaving your comment here. I will keep your grandson in prayer as well. Even with all the trials that come with these children, they are truly blessings. Sometimes I feel that they are being cheated from leading "normal" lives, but who am I to claim what and who is indeed normal? Also, God is the one in control and He loves them even more than we do.


Thank you to each and every one of my friends and followers for your comments. I read each and every one of them and try to answer all. Come back again soon. Love you!