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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Season's Pretties

     First of all, I do hope that I have PicasaWeb pictures taken care of.  I went to post the other day and found that it wouldn't let me post any pictures.  Said that my space on Picasa was full.  So I've spent some time finding out how to delete a bunch of pictures, and now hope to post a couple with this message.

     I think back to late spring of this year and remember posting a couple of pictures of my Christmas Cacti that was put outside to get some late afternoon sun.  I mentioned that I could never grow this plant.  I've tried several times throughout my life and they wouldn't do anything for me.  When I say anything, I mean just that.  They wouldn't bloom.  They wouldn't grow and they never died.  Just sat there and looked the same as the day I brought it home.  So this year someone mentioned how they put their plants outside in the late afternoon sun.  I am so very thrilled at this point! Every time I walk by the cacti now I thank God for what He has done for me.  Here's my red one.  This was actually taken four days ago and has even more flowers open today.

Here is my little tiny white one.  It's no bigger than three inches high right now.  Started out as a tiny cutting this summer, but it's blooming for me!

I am hoping that I can find a yellow or an orange Christmas Cactus.  I've only seen pictures of them and I do love them.

     Another pretty is my piece that I'm working on to make into a pillow for a dear friend.  The Redbird piece.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we have our grandson with us right now, so I haven't been spending as much time stitching. It

is coming along though and I also finished my son's scarf.  Will show you that after I've blocked it.  How many of my sweet followers still block their knitted items?

     Speaking of followers! I have a couple of new ones to introduce you to.  First there is Pikaboo! She is so talented.  Her stitching is beautiful and she makes some other pretty neat things as well.  She has just broken her foot by the way.  So go on over to her blog at Pikaboo's Crafty Stuff and tell her to hurry up and get better.

     My second new follower is Nancy herself from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  Need I say more about Nancy? Oh my goodness.  She is such a talented lady and she has so many wonderful things to tempt us! LOL.  Kits.  Over dyed floss.  Hand dyed ric rac.  Hand dyed muslin.  Charts.  Oh my! You just have to go over and check her site out for sure.  Tell her that LindaLee from CrossN' My Stitches sent you.

     We had a great Thanksgiving and I hope ya'll had a great day as well.  Christmas right around the corner now.  Hard to believe that one! Any pictures of what my dear followers are making for Christmas? Send me your pictures at and I'll post them here for others to see.

     Cold front coming in tonight and we have the fire going.  Cozy and warm.  A good night to kick back and stitch.  Then again, what night isn't?

     My sweet friends and followers.  Until next time......Stay warm and safe.  Come back soon and come back often.  Love each and every one of you and,  don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. Your Flowers are so pretty.....I love your WIP...that is so pretty and very colorful...

    Happy Stitching

    1. Well thank you so much Linda. I'm still smiling every time I walk by the cacti with it's beautiful flowers! So glad you stopped in girlfriend. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hi, LindaLee,
    I remember having some Christmas cactus years ago, and they always bloomed about a month too early. I have a green thumb for outdoor gardening, but was never any good at indoor. With all my kitties, i can't really have indoor plants, they just eat them. Your cactus are so pretty, as is your redbird. I don't know whether it is just my computer, but your header today has just a big black circle with a minus sign in it. I hope that isn't something to do with your photo problem.


    1. Melinda! Thank you so much for the header information. It probably is because of the photos I deleted. I'll change that right away.

      I know what you're saying about the cacti. Some bloom around Thanksgiving and some around Christmas. I have a couple now that have plenty of buds but won't be blooming for a couple of weeks at least. I'm still learning so much about them!

      My little daughter-in-law just got a kitten about a month ago. Very pretty little thing and he too loves getting into the dirt in the plant pots and eating the plants.

      Thank you so much for stopping in and have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Brrrr! It did get cold here in NC last night. Beautiful pictures of your Christmas Cactus. My dear grandmother had about a dozen of those. Brings back fond memories seeing yours.

  4. Hi Myra~I've read that these Christmas Cacti are very often passed down from one generation to the next and I hope to do the same with mine. I'm still smiling every time I walk by them and see all the color. My own grandmother loved and had many African Violets, so I think of her when I see them.
    Thank you so much for stopping in and have a wonderful week ahead.

  5. Thanks for mentioning my blog LindaLee!! Your plants are beautiful. My husband has been wanting some of those but I think my cats would eat them before they had a chance to grow much.

  6. Pikaboo! You're welcome. It's dearing to have followers and read their comments and all. Besides! I love your blog!

    The good thing about the cacti, is the fact that they can be outside during a good part of the year. Out of the reach of kitty cats! Of course you would happen to plan on where you would put them when you bring them in. Of course you could always pick up one for dear hubby and let him do the deciding!

    Come back now. Ya hea'?

  7. The stitching is beautiful! I made something similar for my mother-in-law last Christmas. She loves birds!

    Good gracious, I've never even heard of a Christmas cactus. I'll have to keep an eye out! They sure are lovely.

    1. Hello Miss Gray Bonnet. Thank you so much for stopping in. I just sent you an email. Hope you'll be back again soon.


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