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Saturday, January 5, 2013

One More Scarf!

     I just love making these scarves.  They make up so quickly and the color combinations are beautiful.  I still have three skeins of yarn left, but want to concentrate on "A Good Marriage" this week.  Here's a picture of my latest scarf which I finished last night.  It can be worn with so many different colors.  I love it.

Another picture of the last two together.

     Just to let all my sweet friends and followers know.....I am getting ready to announce another giveaway.  Haven't decided on the exact day of the drawing, but do know that the giveaway will be focused on spring time.  I love the spring and look forward to it every year.  I think of seeds, plants, birds, spring colors and spring pieces to cross stitch.  Spring pretties and Easter.  So I think, if nothing else at this time, I've got you wondering.  It will be opened to anyone that is a follower of mine.  Doesn't matter where you live.  So I'll let you know in an upcoming post when to submit your names and all.  I just love giveaways.

     With the holidays behind me I do want to cross stitch and cross stitch some more! I'll be bonding with my stitching this afternoon and will be sitting in a sunny window while doing so.  I wish you all a wonderful New Year filled with blessings and beautiful things.  Until next time, stay safe and warm and remember to "feel the colors".  


  1. Those scarfs are their own rainbow of colors. How cute!

    1. They really are fun to make Kathy. They make nice gifts as well.

  2. I have knitted up one of these, but my yarn was blue/white/green. I can't wait to start wearing it once it warms up abit (as it is so cold now I have to go for practical rather than pretty!)

    1. That sounds realy pretty Emma. They're actually worn alot inside down here. Seems a lot of ladies will match them up with what they're wearing. I'll have to keep an eye out for the green, blue and white yarn.

      Thanks for coming by.


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