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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bring On the Spring Please

     Just a few pictures of what's going on in the yard.  A signs that spring is indeed on it's was.  I'm getting impatient here though.
                                                The Hyacinths starting to bud.

                                                  Clematis just barely starting.

                                                      Daffodils in full bloom.

                                               Speedwell coming back again.

      This guy has been trying to sell us insurance all winter! Matt finally caught up with him.

                                    Last but not least, Grampa's peas are coming up.
                                                      Just barely, but up indeed.

     So the weather is warming up down here in northeast Carolina and we've been injoying a day here and there of warm sunshine.  This time of year, we're outside working with the soil and pulling weeds when we can to prepare of spring and summer's beauty.

     At the moment, I'm stuck on my shawl! I have one stitch too many and can't figure out at this point where it came from.  I'll be getting it back out in a few minutes and will work with it some more.  I love the colors in it, and refuse to give up.  In the evenings if I feel I'm too tired to concentrate on counting stitches, I pick this up and work on it.  Hmmmmm........I wonder if this is why I now have an extra stitch on it! Well drat! I was going to post an updated picture of it, but for some reason, I'm not able to.....Do I have too many pictures up here now on this one post? Anyone else run into this problem? Oh my goodness! I figured it out! It's called "aged lady syndrome"! So here it is.  Aren't the colors in this just beautiful?


     Now my sweet friends and followers.  You have a safe and warm night tonight and a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.  Love you all.  Remember to "feel the colors".


  1. Great progress and I love the colors!

  2. Thank you Victoria. I'm loving the colors as well, and I'm all straightened out now with the number of stitches.

  3. Hello

    lovelt signs of spring and I love the lizard!
    Your shawl is looking beautiful!

  4. Thank you Meggie. I am so looking forward to putting in more plants and working with the flowers and all this year.

  5. Great yard and lovely shawl, Love the colors. thanks for visiting my blog. Life has been hectic but I will be back.take care from Cold dreary Connecticut !!

  6. Oh my goodness Dusty. I didn't see your comment until this morning. I'm so sorry about that. I picked up the supplies for the home made blocking board, so will be blocking the shawl this week. I'm headed back on over to your blog right now. Please stop in again soon.

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