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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stitchy Update

     Since I made up the little spring pillows, I've been concentrating on the marriage piece for my son and his beautiful lady.  I'm really getting close to the end and will have it framed and ready way ahead of time.  This is it so far.  It has been an enjoyable stitch for sure.

     I finally got around to a project that I'd been wanting to do for quite sometime.  Nothing big or complicated, but fun.  I had a tray that I had painted several coats of paint to get the blue that I wanted.  It had been sitting up on the buffet just being a tray.  I finally taped it around the inner edges as shown here, and once all taped good with edges pressed down well, I painted the inside bottom, chalkboard black.  Here are a couple of pictures.

All finished and now, not being just a tray!

     This is a couple of pages in my stitching journal.  I've kept my time on the pieces I've stitched for about three years now.  Also start out with the name of the piece.  The designer.  Fabric used and then the dates and time spent on the piece.  I add the time as I go.  I saw in a blog just yesterday how another lady keeps her time right on a calendar she has just for her stitching.  I thought that was a neat idea.

     I discovered I had another skein of the Starbella yarn! I do love my scarves and I think this yarn will work up so very pretty.  Color is called, Happy Pinks.  Pretty!

     Well I do have to let you my sweet friends and followers, go for now.  Getting ready here to head to New Bern for a doctor's appointment for dear hubby, Mr. Bill.  I think he'll sleep most of the day away once the appointment is over and done with as he has had to take two tablets to relax.  One two hours before the procedure and another one hour before.  He just told me a few minutes ago that he feels like he's running down.  I guess the pills are working!

     Once again.  You have have a wonderful day full of stitches and lots of colors.  Don't forget to feel those colors! Star warm and safe.  Love you all.     


  1. I have the bunnies touching noses that is in your blog header, too! It was my first attempt at stitching on linen years ago. I need to pull it out and start thinking about spring in the midst of all this snow we have!

    I really like how your marriage sampler is turning out. What a wonderful gift that will be! And thank you for showing your stitching journal. I've wanted to start one, but didn't quite know how. You'll laugh, but I couldn't figure out how to know how many hours I stitched on a piece. It never occurred to me to write the starting and ending times each day and then figure it out from there. DUH!!! : ) Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Hi Tricia and thank you so much for your sweet comments. I'm so glad that you kept your copy of the bunnies. This one is done on Aida.

    I have at this time nearly another whole line on the marriage sampler done. Another hour in. I started keeping my time because I knew that by telling people that it took me two months to work a piece up, wasn't telling them a thing really. It may have taken two months, but I may have put in a total of 64 hours! So that's what started it all. Now what I do, is always write something on the back of the frame. If it's something for me, I just put down the name of the piece, the designer and the number of total hours. If it's a gift, I would write something such as, "Completed in 64 total hours. A little bit of love went into each and every stitch."
    You have a wonderful week filled with lots of stitches.

  3. The marriage sampler is looking lovely. I really like the idea of your stitching journal. You have a very efficient way to keep track of time spent on each work. The chalkboard tray is creative - now you can use it two ways! Joy to you!

    1. Hi Victoria, and thank you for stopping in. The way I keep my time has worked out real well, and I've done it long enough, so that when I see something I want to stitch up, I wonder how many "hours" it would take me. LOL. The tray worked up real quickly and you're right. Two uses now! You have a wonderful new week Victoria.

  4. The marriage sampler is so pretty, and I'm sure it will be appreciated. I like your spring collection in your blog header photo! What a great idea for the tray!

    1. I'm nearly on the last line of the printing on this sampler. Then there will be the pretties at the bottom of it. Nearly done! I'm debating on what to start next! Maybe a couple of little summer pillows before my next bigger piece. Time will tell.

      Thanks for stopping in Cathy.


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