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Monday, May 27, 2013

Before And After All

     My goodness.  Where to begin. A few days before we left for my son's wedding, I started the green fan lace scarf.  That one is finished, and I picked up another couple of skeins of yarn to start a new one, time permitting, while we were up in NH.  I did indeed have some time during the drive up and here it is thus far.  This one will be given to my daughter-in-law, Robin.  She loves the colors in it.

While up in NH I picked up another two skeins in a craft store, and I'll certainly enjoy working with these! Many pretty colors in them, and you can see that I'm using, "Sugar and Cream" yarn.

     The trip up to NH went great and we checked into the hotel at three on Thursday afternoon.  At six, a lot of  the ladies and a couple of good looking guys, my Bill and my step-brother-in-law, Paul, met at a great seafood restaurant and had two hours worth of good food, great conversations and lots of laughs.  Pictures from that get together will come later for sure.

     After the rehearsal on Friday, which was attended by invitation only, because of many surprises that was planned for the wedding the following day, everyone was invited to attend a pizza get together at the best man's house.  Best man was my nephew Mick, and here's a picture of him and his lovely wife Malissa.  She worked very hard to take care of snacks and before dinner trays.  Also added some nice touches to things.  We love them both so much.

     The wedding! What can I say? It was beautiful and very unique.  "The Chapel of Love" sung and sung with an acoustical guitar was one of the songs played as the tiny little flower girls came down the aisle.  The groom started snapping his fingers to the beat and before you knew it, everyone was snapping!  When the bride began towards the alter, the song was, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".  Here she is.. crying all the way down the aisle.

At this point, I could go on and on, and show all of my favorite pictures, but I would have to stretch this post a long way to do that.  Instead, I'll show you just one more picture of my son and his beautiful bride taken right after the wedding.


Everything from the time we arrived in NH until we left was wonderful.  Time with family and friends.  Lots of fun and loads of wonderful new people in our lives.  All was perfect.

     Then the ride home.......................Three hours into our trip home, two cars ahead of us came to a dead stop in the passing lane going onto route 91 from 84.  It turned into a four car accident with me in the ambulance with a broken sternum and bruised ribs.  I found later that I had also hit my head when the car behind us spun us before it came to a rest at our front end.  A couple of pictures of our vehicle after the accident.

It will take about eight weeks for me to mend, but I began thanking my Lord at the scene as I saw that Bill was fine.  Not a scratch and no one else was hurt.  Though the air bags didn't deploy because of where the sensors were located back then, the seat belts worked! Our younger son and his family were behind us by a couple of hours, and they came right to the hospital and everything started happening with hotel rooms and a car rental and all.  I was released from the hospital the following day, and here I am.  One word of advice? I know all aren't in favor of seat belts, but I would have gone through the front window if I hadn't had mine on.  Wear them my dear friends and followers.  You mean a lot to me.

     Now that we're home and things still aren't back to normal, we're getting a few things done each day.  Errands and appointments are being attended to and we're blessed to have each other.

     I am making it a point to get back to my cross stitching tomorrow.  I can't do any lifting for a few days, so will have the time to sit and stitch.  This whole last month was quite wonderful but very busy.  Time to relax now.

     One more thing before I let ya'll go.  I went to the mailbox the other day, and look what was waiting for me! What a wonderful surprise from my dear sweet friend Louise.  How thoughtful was  that? I love this pillow and it will sure help me calibrate this beautiful season of love and the growing that going on in my yard.  Thank you so very much Louise.  I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Louise also took a peek at my wish list and saw the star detailer on it.  What a great surprise.


          At this point, I really need to let all of you get some relax time in.  I've kept you long enough.  I have another whole post coming up pretty quick about all the beautiful flowers coming up in our yard.  Until then though, please, please, please be safe and well and remember to "feel the colors.


  1. Linda, just seeing that car makes me shudder. So glad you're on the mend!

    I love that scarf you're doing...the colors are beautiful!

    The pictures of the wedding are all lovely... TFS!

  2. Your son and his bride make a lovely couple. So glad to hear that the wedding was wonderful. But, I am so sad to see your car and hear of your injuries. Thank the Lord that you were kept from worse harm and that your husband was ok. He is good! You take care of yourself now and rest.

  3. Beautiful wedding snaps. What a lovely event . Hope you recover soon , and glad it wasn't worse. Take care .XXX

  4. Even though you're aching, you are truly blessed, seeing the photos of your car. Allow yourself time to heal; I'm sure Bill will be glad to take care of you! So glad you enjoyed the beautiful wedding first!

  5. I am SO glad it wasn't worse! The pictures of your car make me shudder! Take very good care of yourself!

    What a lovely couple they make! Congratulations to all!

  6. What a frightening experience on the road. Glad to hear that you're on the mend.

    The Happy Couple - they look terrific!!!! Congratulations to everyone.

    Take care of yourself and rest. Hugs.

  7. Yikes! I'm so glad you and everyone else is ok! What a beautiful gift from your friend Louise. It's so cute! Take care!

  8. That must heva been an awful shock! I am happy though you are not too seriously hurt, but eight weeks to recover is pretty long. Luckily you had a wonderful wedding, beautiful son and daughter-in-law. congrats on the happy couple!

  9. Linda, I am SO glad that you are both alive! But sorry for your injuries. : ( Take it easy with the stitching and don't hunch too much. I don't think that would help your healing! What nice pictures of the wedding and your sweet gift. Gentle hugs!


  10. Ouch! That's a really scary photo. So glad your injuries weren't worse. Here in the UK most people do wear seatbelts all the time, car seats for children are compulsory too. The only people that don't obey are the kind if people who don't have insurance or MOTs either.

    The wedding looks lovely, hopefully those will be the abiding memories of the weekend.

  11. Hi,
    I'm glad you are feeling better!!!! I will be gladly to see your cross stitch pictures soon!!! Take care your friend Lizette

  12. Oh my gosh! That is so scary! It looks like it could have been so much worse!
    I hope you heal soon -and am really happy you are both okay!

    The wedding couple are beautiful!

    Linda in VA

  13. Oh Linda - that crash sounds terrible and sure looks like it was pretty serious from the damage done to your car and to YOU! I hope you're not in too much pain. Such a shame that your wonderful trip to celebrate ended up in something so crummy on the way back home.
    The wedding sounds great and the pics are beautiful. Congrats to the happy couple, and best wishes to you on a speedy recovery!

  14. I'm catching up on posts. So glad to hear you're OK. Very beautiful wedding and sounds like you had a wonderful time with everyone.
    Yes, yes on the seatbelts and get as many airbags as possible in your new car. Been through a crash and glad for everything that protected us.
    Rest and heal.


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