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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Here Comes The Sun

     After three days of drizzly, rainy and cool weather, the sun is out bright.  The sky is a beautiful and a clear blue.  We had some thunder and lightening last night, but it's a pretty morning.  I'm looking forward to getting back outside and get the last of my plants that I picked up put in.  I believe it was Saturday when I picked up quite a few at a wonderful farmer's market in Morehead City.  See what I got below? Mostly things to put around the mailbox, but I did pick up a couple more herbs and a couple perennials as well.  Now that I look at the picture, I see that I had room for more! Drat!

I picked up a beautiful hanging pot of pink begonias yesterday at Walmart for $3.59.  Now would anyone in their right  mind leave such a bargain there? I think not!

This is my completed herb garden.  Plants have room to grow and it's looking great.  Now to keep the cats out of it! I love cats, but I don't like working with their poop in my gardens.

     Now on to some stitchy things!  Remember the Spider Wart plant that I posted a picture of a couple of posts back? Well here is what happens when you squeeze some the the old blooms.  A beautiful purple liquid falls out of the flower.  I decided to take a small piece of Aida and experiment! This is the outcome! The Aida was off white anad now it is a very pale purple with deeper purple

accents.  Every time I look at it, I think of the line, "When I am old, I shall wear purple".  I love playing with colors so much, and I'm anxious to see what happens when I use the Poke berries when they come out.

     I saw this Sugar and Cream yarn yesterday and decided to grab a couple of them.  I'm a person who loves wearing a scarf and wanted to see how this would make up for a light weight summer scarf.  It's certainly soft enough and the color makes me think of a lime Popsicle! When was the last time you had one of those treats?  So here's how far I was when I took the picture.

     Oh my goodness! I do have new followers.  I first welcome you here.  So glad you decided to join in and I hope you enjoy my posts.  If you have a post of your own, please let me know.  If I can find them, I post them here so others can enjoy them.  First of all, there is Shirlee over at, and she is the "Easily Influenced Stitcher".   Her blog is so much fun to visit.  She covers many different subjects and takes us to some very interesting places.  Check it out!  Then there's Jo at  Jo has several wonderful blogs and you'll love each one of them.  Jo does beautiful needlework.  Last but not least is, Susan.  If you have a blog Susan, please let us know so we can visit you.  If not, I'm still glad you're here and welcome your comments and all.

     Now I must get busy here at the home front.  I can't believe that it is becoming quite cloudy again! So out I go to get the last of the plants taken care of.  Then I'll have the day to bond with my cross stitching work.

     Until next time, be well and be safe and remember to "feel the colors".


  1. Good Afternoon, We have sunshine here and suppose to be 70 degrees. It is so good to see the sun after the crazy weather that we have had. I haven't planted any flowers yet because of the cold. Snow in May was a surprise even though it melted fast. I love your garden spot. Yes, your lime and cream is so pretty and I have had a lime fruit bar recently. I like the frozen fruit bars that you get at the store. I enjoy reading your blog. Have a wonderful day stitching. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend

  2. Hello, lovely, fun lady! ;) Your herb garden has got me longing...I think it is finally "safe" here for planting the hardy stuff. Maybe this weekend. Great creativity and color with the aida. The pattern with the popsicle scarf looks like a fun knit. Would love to have time to do that too.

  3. Your garden looks lovely! What will you stitch on that new colored aida?

  4. What to comment on first, hmm.
    1. I love your blogger photo - you look a bit "sassy" and I hope you know that is a good thing.
    2. I am guessing you do not work outside of the home with all the fun things you are working on.
    3. Having the time to play with plants to see what color they make - now that sounds fun.

  5. Ooo that's me! Thanks for the link. Shirlee's blog is one of my favourites too.

    I like the idea of using flowers to dye fabric, will the scent stay in the fabric? It does when you use fruit tea as a dye.


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