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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fireflies and Pink Sky

     As I'm sitting here starting this post, I can see a Firefly outside the window with its blinking light.  They've been here for a week or so and I love watching them.  They sky is darkening with the early evening but I see a streak of pink right over the trees behind Jeff's house.  Jeff is our friend and neighbor.  God is good.
     So many flowers are in bloom and my herb garden is doing so good.  I just went out and had to pull just a few small weeds and noticed how the basil has grown so full this year.  The lemon grass has shot up in no time at all and I will need to get some of that fresh parsley into some potatoes tomorrow.  Bill's tomato plants are doing fantastic and are loaded! We've been eating tiny summer squash and had our first picking of green beans this evening.

     Showing you my snips and bits jar, makes me wonder if it's cheating to put my pieces of yarn in there.  It was handy and without thinking, I just tossed it.  I've made three summer scarves and have to block them still.  Here it is for June though.

I've made some progress on "Home of a Needleworker Too" and will be stitching more on it this evening.  I actually have the little windows done and will start the blue for the house.

I may have mentioned that I had my order come from 1-2-3 the other day.  I was fortunate as I had most all the thread that I need for it.  I did have to order three colors, but will be doing this up twice at least.

     I'm still wondering where this past week has gone.  We have been busy with doctor appointments and all.  Getting things all in order for Bill's surgery on the 25th..  Other than that though, we've been mostly right here at home.  It has been hot and humid and the truck's air conditioning isn't working right now.  We'll be getting an replacement car for our wrecked on come Monday.  Have to register it before we put it on the road of course.  We were told that the air conditioner will drive you out of the car, and that sounds good to me!

     Will let you go for now my sweet friends and followers.  Until next time, please, please be safe and well and remember to "feel the colors".


  1. Good to hear you're feeling like getting out and doing more. Hope you continue to recover well. Enjoy the new car.

  2. That's great to hear that everything is getting back to normal for you. It sounds like your garden is a success this year, as is ours. Everything is so healthy, growing fast and already tomatoes and peppers are forming! Love this time of year. Take care and get some stitching time in!

  3. I've been admiring that L*K design and can't wait to see your finishes. My garden is growing, but everything is still really small. We don't have any fireflies (we call them lightning bugs) yet, but I did here crickets last night. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  4. I love your post today it's so descriptive.

    Lovely new chart and your wip is very pretty.


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