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Friday, November 15, 2013

A Wonderful Friday

     So many wonderful days but every now and then, one just stands out a little more than others.  The day here started out sunny and bright, but now as I glance outside, I see that it's overcast.  Checking the weather out, I find that rain is predicted for this evening, but we'll be inside with the fire stove going and it will be toasty warm.
     We started the day early and had lunch out with Dave.  Going back to Dave's tonight for a nice roast chicken dinner, and I have some apple dumplings in the oven right now for dessert.  Many of you have probably made these, and they're so good.  Here's what they looked like going into the oven,

and just this minute I took them out and here they are. Save room you two guys.

My whole house smells of cinnamon, apples and sugar.  Yum-O!
     I've been working on the Christmas gift just about every day.  Some days I may only be able to get in fifteen or so minutes, but other days or evenings, I get a couple of hours in.  Finally getting into the reds now and some of the light brown grays.  I'm enjoying the stitch for sure.

     The second shawl is working up with the bright yarn.  What a pretty combination of colors.  I've decided to take the first shawl out to be blocked and will show you when I get it back.  Here's the second one though for now.  Fun colors for sure!

My son Guy and Matthew stopped over the other night, and I was able to get 
this picture.  They were laughing so hard that I was lucky to get it, but it's a great picture of both of them together.  They have a great relationship and have so much fun together.  I'm very proud of the fathers that both of my sons are, and give God all the credit.

Just for a little color now.  I love scarves and of course I love color! You would find me wearing a scarf of one type or another at least 90% of the time.  Here is about half of the collection I have.  The other half, hangs on the back side of this coat tree.  Plus there is another whole layer behind this layer that you can see. Just check out the colors though!

I see that I have a new follower! That's qtknits and I wish I could tell you more about this dear lady.  I couldn't find a blog or anything, so please qt, come back and let us get to know you.  Do you have a blog or are you on Facebook? Thank you for becoming a follower.

I must let you all go for this time around.  We're entering another weekend, 
and I hope that you all have a wonderful one.  Stay well and safe faithful friends and followers.  Love ya'll.


  1. Hi, I am always happy when I see a post from you. I have been catching up on my reading tonight after I came home from the nursing home. Your apple dumplings look so yummy. It warmed up today for which I am thankful. We are suppose to have a warm one and we shall see. Glad to see you are getting stitches in on your project. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  2. Dumplings? I'm on my way ha! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  3. So glad you had a good day. I just added three scarves to my collection today. A little color and such fun with lace on one and little bobbles on another. They do add a punch.

  4. Well, Miss LindaLee, you always bring a smile to my face! I'm all about apples and cinnamon, and when I saw your dumplings, my mouth watered. I think that I shall go grab an apple, and nuke it with cinnamon and raisins..... Bless you, and Mr Bill, too!

    1. Hey Barb! An apple in the microwave! What a great idea! Sounds good for a snack right this minute actually. Thank you for the idea.. Love you girlfriend.

  5. Aww yummy :)
    You made me smile..
    Sending you lots of love x

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  7. Thank you for your visit to my blog. I will keep your husband Bill in my prayers. I love your stitching I use to do cross stitch but I feel I don't have the eyes for it any more.
    I am your newest follower.

    1. Just now went over for another visit on your blog and so enjoyed my visit! Thank you so much for the prayers. All finished with the radiation, but is still healing from it.

  8. Hello Miss LindaLee,
    Welcome to my blog ... the pattern I bought in the webshop Wol en zo but it's Dutch, you can also buy the pattern in English in the webshop from a la Sascha (thats also a blog)


    1. Hi MarjoI I found the website and purchased the pattern then and there. I love the look of yours even better than the one the pattern shows. Did you happen to use thicker yarn? Thanks so much for directing me and welcome to my blog.


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