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Monday, February 10, 2014

Pretty Pinks

     Valentine's Day is so very close, so I decided to dress my dining table with the pretties I've made.  I really enjoyed working with the different shades of pinks and reds.  Setting this up every year reminds hubby just how much he means to me.

     It looks like we have another winter storm on the way.  More rain, ice and sleet along with snow.  I think maybe the schools will be closed tomorrow.  We'll see, but Matthew, our grandson has his fingers crossed that we will indeed get all that is forecast-ed.  Bill and I are just ready for spring weather and we're hoping that it will slide in very soon.

     I made up a little tiny pillow and a couple of facecloths for my son in NH and his sweet little wife.  I should have also taken a picture when all were placed in the box for the mail.  It looked so pretty with deep read narrow bows tied around the cloths and the pillow completed.  Here's the before finishes though.

      I've been working on two cross stitch pieces at a time! 99% of the time I have one, and only one piece that I'm working on.  I have mentioned the two in previous posts, so I won't bore you with the details again, but I am enjoying both.

     I'll be getting a spring giveaway together soon, and I think that I'll make it another "non stitchy fun box" like I did for my last giveaway.  I know that many of my followers share my joy in stitching, but many do not.  A spring fun filled box would be enjoyed by all I think, so I'm going to stick with that idea.

     Welcome to so many new followers.  I love the fact that people want to know other people and that they can meet others from all over the world so easily now.  Welcome to all of my sweet friends and followers.  Love each and every one of you.
     Anyone who has followed me for a while now, knows my love of colors.  I really do think that if you love color, you can indeed feel it.  Wouldn't it be something if the world was black and white? Oh my! Thank you Father for all the beautiful colors you've given us.  Just in people alone.  Look at the amazing warm and beautiful colors in this picture.

      I will let you all get back to your day, or night.  Thank you for stopping in.  Until next time, stay warm and well, and don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. I LOVE the picture of the arms! It made me smile...thank you.

    1. You are so welcomed Paula. I too love this picture. I'm so happy that I could share it with you.

  2. Lovely Valentines decorations, they look great together.
    Love the present for your son and his wife too.
    Hope you are safe in the storm.

    1. Thank you so very much Bramble! We'll be safe right here at home for sure. Not sure where you live, but so much of this country will be hit with this one, so you be safe inside as well.

  3. Your Valentines are wonderful! I am curious, what pattern is the framed one in the back? The one with the heart and the 2 birds. I just love it. Be safe - we are supposed to get 12+ inches of snow on Thursday. I love snow but I am so very ready for Spring!

  4. Your Valentine's table looks so lovely! I hope to stitch up a collection and finish them off some day to have something to decorate for every holiday. Such wonderful dish cloths you crocheted! I love the picture of the multicolored arms!

  5. I love your Valentine's table still-life! What a sweet way to tell Mr. H that you still love him more than all the stars in heaven! That photo of all the beautiful colors humans come in is just wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
    Beth P

  6. Hi, Linda Lee, I love your Valentine display with all the pretty hearts! In addition to telling hubby how loved he is, I'm sure he won't forget you on Valentine's Day! Hope this horrible storm down south doesn't hit your area.

  7. I love the color in this post! From your pretty table display to the dishcloths to the creativity of God in the color of His children - it all speaks love. How cool is that!

  8. One of my favorite books I taught with my students was The Cay. It is about a young white boy from the south and a black man from the West Indies who are shipwrecked on an island and the boy becomes blind. I love how the young boy asks Timothy why people are different colors and Timothy lovingly asks him, "why are fish different colors? Why are birds different colors?"

    I love your photo of all the different arms.

  9. love the hearts and the arms,our God is truly amazing in the colors we see,thanks so much for the visit to my blog. i hope our weather will soon be turning a little warmer!!!


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