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Friday, November 26, 2010


     So here I am walking around in a second hand store that we visit occasionally.  I love refinishing chairs actually.  A plain wooden kitchen chair can be made into a beautiful piece with a little sandpaper and a few little bottles of ceramic paints.  Today though I happened to look into a little nook and saw a printer's tray! OH-MY-GOODNESS! I've seen these done up beautifully.  Inserted into each little box would be a tiny cross stitch.  So that's my plan for this one.  Once done, Bill will put glass on the top and a nice wooden trim of some type.  Yes! I am excited! When I do get this started, which won't be right away, I'll post some pictures as I move along with it.


  1. Wendy... I have a larger one in my attic that I just never got around to filling with goodies. I was going to stick it in a yardsale... if you would like to try your hand at a second of these let me know and you can have it!!

  2. Like she has to tell me twice? I don't think so! I want it Pam! Thank you so much!


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