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Saturday, November 27, 2010


     Am I addicted to cross stitch? Hmm.  Could be.  Let's see now. If we plan a trip of any kind, I get on the computer to see if there are any needle shops along the way.  If we go to a flea market or second hand shop, I dash to the areas where I just may find some linen or aida.  I order aida or linen just because I like the color.  Do I have plans for the fabric when I order it? Heck no, but what stitcher can have too much fabric on hand? My stash "shoe box" graduated to a file box.  Then it graduated to a small chest.  It's stopping there! Well not really! I picture a stitching area in four rooms of our seven room house.  I only said "picture" mind you.  I keep ordering floss storage bags.  Why? Hmmm.  For some reason I keep picking up floss! What can I say? I love the colors, and yes, I can feel the colors as well.  I keep the piece that I'm stitching on in a basket with everything I need in with it.  This way, at a moments notice, I can grab my stitching up and take it with me.  For instance.  I had to get Bill to the emergency room a month or so back.  He had a "bonding" session with the circular saw which required 21 stitches.  While the doctor did his stitching, I stuck right by Bill's side, and did mine.  What can I say? So back to the original question.  Am I addicted to cross stitch? I am, and I'm proud of it!


  1. Linda,
    I am so pleased you have started a blog, yet another, for me to enjoy. :)
    I am not only addicted to cross stitching, but other forms of stitching as well. I also can't function well without colour. I love it and like you, respond to the many beautiful shades, seen by the human eye.

  2. Color. Mmmm. To hold threads of many colors in our hands is such a gift!


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