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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tending To My Knots and Snags

     It's a beautiful Sunday early afternoon.  We've been to our Sunday School classes and our church services.  Now it's home with that second cup of coffee and some comfortable clothes for the rest of the day.  I look forward to sitting back in my very own chair.  Remember? The one with the good light, and picking up my stitching. 
     The piece I'm working on is going well and with wonderful needles of the correct size and all my threads right there at hand, it will be smooth sailing so to speak, unless I run into a knot or an unexpected snag.  Even then though, it's all part of the art, and because I love it so, I'll gently work with the problem at hand.  Gently working the threads this way and that.  Catching the knot just so and with the needle, easing the caught threads.  Then at last, repositioning the threads and redoing the stitch so I can see that perfect stitch happen.  I'd rather not see these little mistakes happen, but I do expect them.  I do know also, that once corrected, eventually, the piece I'm working on will turn into something beautiful and perfect.
     All of this reminds me of the way my Lord works on me. Even with all the things I need, right at hand, upon occasion, I wander away from His direction and wind up in a knot or a snag.  I may even become someone else's mess to repair! The Lord loves me though, and always gently, He will work on me.  He too may have to push or tug on me to get me back to where I should be until the next knot takes place.  He too is working on making a piece perfect.     


  1. Love your post. we just finished studying the book of Jonah and it is true, even when we fall away or run from God he still uses us and chastens us and brings us back to him.Have a great Sunday Linda. I'm on my way to get ready for work which is working at an assisted living facility and it is my ministry and I love it.((hugs))Kimberly

  2. Todd and I have started a study on Daniel. I, too am getting ready to pick up my stitching again. I've worked for 49 hours on In Her Garden and finally seem to have made some progress. I see that this project will probably take well over 400 hours! So, off I go to relax and enter my own little world of cross-stitch. I am so glad God has given me this "talent." I laugh as I say that because to me it seems like anyone can do it, but my friends swear they just don't do it as well as I do. Thank you Lord again! I don't know what I'd do with myself without this hobby. Love you Ma and cannot wait to see your finished project!!


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