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Thursday, December 2, 2010


     Several days ago, I found that some of my stitching sisters and brothers save all the short threads that they have secured and snipped away from their work.  I've always just tossed mine in the decorated tiny trash container that I keep by my chair.  I've never given these little threads much thought until I would go to empty the container out.  Only then would I think for a moment what piece they were actually a part of.  These were different then threads that would be taken by the wind one by one, with many miles between while on a trip across the states.  These threads were in a small container together.  You could hardly ever pick out just one thread without it clinging to another.  From time to time, I would indeed try to pick out just one.  Why? I think another stitcher could answer that question quickly! If you have an area where one to just a few stitches are needed of the same color, you just hate to do these up using a brand new piece of thread only to cut that length shorter after an inch of use.  Maybe you have one in that tiny container just the right size! With all the color variations though, you may find in the end that the piece you thought was right, indeed was not.  Back to my snips jar! So after reading about others saving these tiny snips and making other beautiful things with them every so often, I decided to do the same.  Here is my snips jar.  I picked it up for $2.00 a couple of days ago at a second hand store here in town.  It isn't all that big at four inches square but will certainly take a while to fill.  What stories it will have to tell eventually.  It's empty in the picture, but already it has snips from pixie wings inside.  

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  1. love your little find Linda.Happy snipping now and making your clear plain jar beautiful as the stitching days go bye.


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