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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Want To Do List

     It's a new year, and in a stitcher's life, that means a brand new list of want to or hope to do stitching.  In a lot of cases, this stitching isn't just a thought, idea or picture in the stitcher's mind.  No.  It isn't something that will come and go.  Instead, the stitching is a kit which was ordered the year before.  Okay then! Maybe a couple, three years before.  It sits there no matter when it was purchased or received.  It doesn't go away, but may get lost among the other kits ordered in the past.  Then there are the charts.  Again, some were ordered online.  Some were picked up at a local needle shop.  Some were found as freebies on the Internet.  All these charts may be in a box.  Maybe on a shelf or like mine, in a small portable file.  Every kit and every chart is an item that is still looking pretty to the stitcher's eye.  Is still every bit as tempting as the day it was received.
     Now I'm one of the stitchers that work on one thing at a time.  I keep track of my hours because I find that, that is another thing that inspires me.  I love to start a new piece and I love to finish a piece.  So in the meantime, I have lots of charts.  Some that I've actually kitted up with fabric and thread and they sit in that file I mentioned.  The only problem that I have is the fact that I see and fall in love with charts faster than I can stitch them up.  So the picture above is only a few that I have.  The list on the right of my 2011 To Do things is just a tiny portion of the items I have planned.  It's no wonder I find it important to work on my stitching nearly every spare minute I can!
     I would love to see other stitcher's lists.  No doubt at all that I'll see something on most of them that I'll have to order to add to my growing pile.
     Happy stitching to all this year of 2011, and remember that if you love color,,,,,,you can indeed feel it.


  1. Great list - can't wait to see your progess as the year goes by. I'm not brave enough to compile a list and admire those that do. I'll just pull projects as I go.

  2. Happy Stitching to you in 2011! I too, love to keep up with the number of hours put into a project. Actually, I find that is one of the most asked questions! "How long did that take?"

  3. Thank you for checking out Cross'N My Stitches! I'm still new at this blogging and all, but so far I'm enjoying it. Visit again soon!

  4. Good luck with your goals for the year! :D


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