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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cross Stitching and A Teacher's Reward!

     My little daughter-in-law's sister, Jodi, came down to visit from NH last spring.  She is a quilter.  Has quilted for years and makes beautiful quilts and quilted gifts.  While she was here this last visit, she asked me what I was working on in the way of cross stitch.  At the time, I was working on "Harvest Happiness" by Imaginating.  When she saw it, she commented on how much she, herself would love to be able to cross stitch.  If you love stitching you know what an opportunity this is.  I grabbed a small kit I had and a needle.  A small hoop and a pencil.  Within minutes after Jodi and I sat together with the mentioned items, she was cross stitching.  She and her sister visited during the days that she was here, but every night was spent here with us.  She would come through the door to the sink to wash her hands so she could stitch! She finished that first kit and then stitched snowmen for Christmas.  Now she's working on the piece above.  A very time consuming piece from Mystic Stitch, and she's nearly done.  I love the fact that stitching makes her happy.  I can hear how excited she is when we talk on the phone about what we're working on.  The real gift though, that I received was when she e-mailed me, and said, "I get grumpy when I don't get to stitch for a day." Now I ask you......Is that love of the art or what?


  1. That is awesome Miss Linda! I always find it interesting to see what people stitch too. I really like her choice.


  2. wow,she like you does beautiful work,she had of course an awesome teacher.


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