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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Favorite?

     I chuckle each time I hear Bill make the comment that the movie he's watching at the time, is his "most favorite".  The reason I laugh is that he makes that same comment every single time he watches an older movie.  I asked him one day when he made the comment, if it was even more favorite than his favorite the day before.  He laughed himself then and told me that he actually had many, most favorites. 
     I'm getting it now.  After all these years I think I'm starting to understand.  This piece here, "Eye On The Sparrow", a couple of days ago, was my most favorite piece of all times.  Why? I loved the subject matter.  I loved the colors of the floss.  I loved the color of the hand dyed fabric.  I loved the softness of the fabric.  I loved the simplicity of the piece.  Here it is.  Completed in 38 hours total and I loved everything about it.
     Wait though.  I'm working on a wedding sampler now and I think it is going to become my most favorite piece ever! The colors are crisp in a way and yet soft.  The fabric is,,,,,wait! I think actually a piece I did last fall is my most favorite.  It was all the colors that I love.  It was full of pumpkins and bird houses.  I think I'm beginning to understand what Bill means now.  Every single piece is going to be my favorite I think, because I do indeed love the art.  I love the colors.  I love the fabric, and like Bill, I can have many, most favorites.


  1. No wonder it;s a favourite that is a beautiful finish!

  2. Thank you Elaine. I really did enjoy this one.

  3. How pretty! What fabric did you use? I really like the look of it. I've had my eye on this pattern for awhile. Let me know if you'd like to sell yours!



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