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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Desires of My Heart!

     Bill and I both love the birds.  Have always put feeders up year round with a variety of seeds, nuts and fruit.  This past spring and summer we had so many hummingbirds that we couldn't count them at times.  Our friends would come over and sit to watch them from our living room window! Knowing the bluebirds were native to this area, Bill constructed a bluebird house for them.  We didn't know if we had waited too long though, as we were starting to see them in and around our yard. 
     House completed and mounted on Monday.  I prayed that God would bring us a pair of bluebirds for the house, and sure enough.  On Tuesday midmorning, they were building their nest inside the box.  The box by the way, is mounted too high from what we've read, but the couple is making themselves at home.  Here's a picture of one of them on top of the house.  Thank you Father for knowing the desires of my heart.

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  1. Aren't bluebirds just all that?!? Hope you get to see lots of them - those flashes of intense bluecan just make my day!

    Maru in MN


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