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Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Stitching Nook

All You Can Eat - Cross Stitch Pattern     This evening, I decided to get my stitching together and head for the room we call, "Matthew's Room".  It's actually another bedroom that we furnished with a futon, rocker, tv, and end table and a coffee table.  Our grandson Matthew, decided long ago when we first moved here, that it was his room.  When he's over for the night, that's where he sleeps.  It's also where he watches his favorite shows and where he can set up all his Lego men, creatures, buildings and vehicles.  He loves Legos to say the least.
     I decided this evening to "couch it" in there and once I got all my threads, chart and all set where I wanted them, I curled up on the futon with lots of throw pillows and turned the tv on.  I stitched for two solid hours there and decided that it was a nearly perfect spot.  The only way I could improve on it would be to pick up another floor lamp.  So I'll probably look into that and next time Matthew in over for the night, I'll just set up in there with him. 
     Worked on "All You Can Eat".


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