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Friday, March 4, 2011

New Moon Snips and Bits Jar Report!

     Some call it their TUSAL jar while others call it their ORT jar.  I call it my Snips and Bits Jar.  Doesn't really matter what you call it.  I don't think it does anyway.  It's kind of a mystery to me why the new moon has anything to do with it, but that seems to be when it is posted.  If I show it at any other time, would my computer melt or something? Hmmm. 
      I've had one reader say that it would be a good idea for someone to write a book on what to do with the tiny bits and pieces of threads when the jar is full.  Christmas ornaments have been mentioned by several, but there has to be other things that the tiny pieces can be used for.  So come on all you stitcher sisters of mine with creative minds.  Let's get a list going.  Hey! How about a lamp base?
     In the meantime though, here's mine for this months new moon.  Getting filled for sure.  I can identify so many of the colors and exactly where I used them.  Others, I have to think about it.  Which piece was it that this green or that yellow was used for? 


  1. snips and bits jar huh? Todd would see that and throw it in the trash. He hates my "little mess." I haven't saved any of my bits. They all go in the trash. :( I'm a bad girl, I know. I love the piece you did for Josh and Amanda. I've been working on my piece for 171 hours and I'm almost half way through the stitching. then I'll have to do the outlining and details. whew!!!

  2. If it weren't for you Diana, I wouldn't be keeping my hours. I'm glad I do now. It always amazes me how the hours add up. I started doing as much back stitching as I can as I work on a piece. I find, for me that this breaks up the chore at the end. It's easier on some pieces than others though. I enjoyed doing the wedding sampler for Josh and Amanda. I think they'll like it. Love you girl.


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