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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March In Eastern North Carolina

     The month of February here in eastern North Carolina is the last of our colder winter weather, and we start getting a few warmer days here and there.  You begin to see trees budding and more and more of our spring birds are coming to the feeders.
     Now here we are in March, and oh what a difference! Bluebirds have been here for several weeks now as have the dandelions! That's a little good and bad I guess.  The dandelions seem to bloom as soon as they come up here, so they're too bitter from the get go to have a nice serving of them.  Not like back in NH where they could be dug up and cooked up over and over again before they bloomed.  We've had the crocuses and daffodils blooming for a couple of weeks now.  Wild onions have also been popping up for a good month now, and I guess I'm the only one in this area that doesn't hate them! I pick a bunch of these and use them just like I would if they were in my back garden.  People probably look at me like a crazy Yankee, but that's fine.  I was one once! Forsythia and the Quince is beautiful this year.  I'm looking forward to the Dogwood trees as well as the native Wisteria.  On a windy day here pretty quickly, one will drive down interstate 70 and see yellow clouds of pollen.  That will be from all the pencil pines as they're called here.  The dreaded pollen season will begin, but shortly after that people will be headed to the beaches close by to enjoy the warmer waters and the sunshine.
     Happy March ya'll!


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