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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taters Time!

     This is the time of year that I miss good old New England soil! The tomato plants Bill would have every year grew taller than his 5'11" frame and we would take the fruit to church and give them away nearly every Wednesday and every Sunday.  I would can Kentucky Wonder green beans and yellow beans all summer along with the kale soup that I would can up using the kale.  The cukes and summer squashes and zukes and all were so good fried up or stuffed.   Seemed the soil was right on.  The hill side that we lived on would bloom with all my flowers from spring to fall.  Bill continues to hope though I usually give up a half dozen times, at least, every spring and summer.  I keep telling God that I know that He knows the desires of my heart and that I trust Him.  I know He's pretty busy and all and His timing is perfect.
     Bill has potted some fig cuttings today that he rooted over the winter and here he is with "taters" he put in just a few minutes ago.  He's from Maine you know, where they plant these taters!
     I did notice that my Monarda is coming back and there are quite a few other plants coming up and some even blooming here and there.  Thank you Father for these that you've given me!


  1. awww wonderful I am still snow bound here in Canada

  2. sorry Ma but what the heck is a Monarda? I wish I knew about the things of the earth more, but Todd is the green thumb in this family. I just cook and sew. hehehe


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