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Monday, March 21, 2011

Nana's Special Gift

Yesterday was my 65th. birthday, and while I love my age, we just don't look at the day as a day of parties and gifts.  We're actually blessed every single day with wonderful gifts from God.  We do though get together as a family with our kids here in NC on each and every birthday to have a meal out.  Birthday person gets to choose where.  It's always a buffet for me!

When we met at the designated spot and time, our youngest grandson, Matthew handed me a birthday bag.  He had chosen a gift for Nana and a card.  His dad just got him to the store so he could pick things up.  I'm known for my apple kitchen, so Matthew, knowing my love of apples decided to go for it! I think he did an excellent job! One of every kind of apple he could find.  He left the label on them so I could tell them apart.  He also got a little sticky note apple pad for me as well.  Now I have to say that, that was a very special birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ma!!!! I think Matthew did a wonderful job with your gift. What a smart boy! I hope your day was wonderfully blessed and just as special as you are! I love you! By the way, I am still pluggin along on my cross-stitch. I have 181 hours into it so far. whew! I am half way there!


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