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Friday, September 21, 2012

Hardanger Embroidery!

     I have actually figured it out! I was looking for "pulled thread" tutorials and all and just not finding any help.  I did get some help on what kind and what size thread to use from some ladies over at 123 Stitch.  As a last resort, I got out a book I've had for about 40 years and starting looking through it, and found what I was actually looking for.  It is actually called Hardanger Embroidery.  The book, by the way that I mentioned is, "New Complete Book of Needlework" by Good Housekeeping.  It was one of my free books I chose when I joined a book club back in the day.  Remember them? You joined and got six books free just for joining.  You could quit at any time and rejoin back up! Good old days for sure.
Anyway! Back to the stitching! I started practicing on a small piece of linen that I had and came up with this. I realize that it doesn't look like much, but I'm a beginner at this and I'm just happy that I figured it out.  This was before I did any cutting.

Here it is, after I cut inside the tiny blocks.  You can tell that I need a new pair of scissors! I'm looking forward to getting started on the piece that will have this as the border.  Challenging but it does move right along.

     The Spider Lilies are up everywhere in the yard now and I am so happy to see how much they've multiplied since last season.  Seems they grow wherever you plant them too! Here's another picture of one with a visitor.

     One last thing before I leave you all today.  I broke down and purchased a kit that I'll be doing up as a wedding gift for my son Allen and his beautiful Lisa.  A picture of them first, on the night that Allen proposed.

     Now the kit that I purchased.  Still need to purchase the fabric, but the wedding is being planned for May, so I have plenty of time.

It will be a fun stitch.  I really like Lizzie Kate designs.
     Now I do indeed need to let you go my sweet followers.  Thank you so much for stopping in.  Feel free to leave a comment.  I did do away with the having to figure out code words and all to post, so it's easier now for you.  You all have a wonderful weekend.  Be safe and well until next time, and,,,,,,,,,,don't forget to "feel the colors".  Love you all.


  1. I like the look of hardanger, but am a scared to cut my fabric, so I haven't tried it yet, maybe someday. Love LK too, and congratulations on the engagement.

    1. Hi Susieq~ Thank you so much for stopping in. Thank you also for the congratulations. I am so excited about the marriage. Just love Lisa so much and they make a great couple.
      I too was afraid to cut my fabric, which is why I did it on a piece of scrap fabric first. It really works well and the fabric doesn't unravel which I was afraid of also. Give it a try girlfriend. It goes along quickly and is easy to do.

  2. Way to go!! Way back in the day when I use to post on 123 alot I heard of a LNS that was having a hardanger class so I decided to go I meet some fellow stitchers who were regular posters on 123 and even though I never tried hardanger again I did remain friends with those ladies. So it was good over all :) I can't wait to see more progress on this!!

    Keep it up lady :) And what a perfect wedding sampler to stitch. They look SOOO very happy!

    1. Natasha! Hi! So glad you stopped in.
      Thank you for the encouragement also. This was a practice piece mind you, but I started on the piece I needed to learn it for tonight. Remember when I did "Gigi's Garden"? Well......It was decided that instead of doing the usual matting, that it would look nice with this embroidery around it as a border and then mounted on another fabric. Last but not least, then framed. The GiGi that is seen when you look it up online, is finished this way... So I'm going to give it a try, and will pray through the whole process that I don't cut any threads that shouldn't be cut! Why did you not ever do any of the Hardanger embroidery after you went to the class? Did you not like doing it?
      I think it's so neat that you did meet some great ladies there and stayed in touch after. I love meeting new friends and when they have the same interests, well, it's even better!
      Allen "Skeet" and Lisa are indeed happy. They are so good to each other and for each other. I am thrilled. I've prayed for the year and a half that they have been going together that he would indeed ask her to marry him. I knew she would say yes. I am so happy that we got to see him propose and that we were all as surprised as Lisa was! It was a great evening.
      Thanks again for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

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  4. Hello

    just found your lovely blog.
    Your Hardanger looks so pretty, looking forward to seeing you start the project.
    I love the wedding design you chose.
    Gorgeous spider lily and butterfly photo.
    Hope you have a lovely week.

    1. Hello September and welcome! So glad you decided to stop in. Thank you for the sweet comments as well. I'm now doing the hardanger embroidery on the piece itself that I learned it for. Still a little nervous about it. Hate the thought of actually cutting into the linen! As for the wedding design. I really like Lizzie Kate's designs and I got a start on this one last night.

      Thanks for becoming a follower here. I love meeting people and making new friends. I also have giveaways every so often, so keep an eye open for the next one.

      Have a wonderful week.

  5. What a beautiful start to your Hardanger piece. I keep putting it off, but I eventually would love to really learn Hardanger.

    1. Hi Mary~ I find the actual stitching of the Hardanger embroidery is much like cross stitching. I find in soothing. Relaxing. Now, the actual cutting after is the part that I'm not comfortable about. I think a sharp pair of scissors is the trick. Give it a try.

  6. Hello my sweet friend!!
    You are always up to something good :)
    Your hardanger adventures are coming along perfectly!!
    Your Son and his bride to be make a beautiful couple. I think the piece you picked to stitch will be perfect!
    Have a beautiful week ahead :)
    Blessings and Raggedystitches,

    1. Good morning Louise! Always love to hear from you. Thank you for stopping in. I'm enjoying the Hardanger stitching. Very relaxing.

      Do you know that I prayed for a year and a half (since the first time we met and fell in love with Lisa), that it was God's plan that they marry? She is such a wonderful young lady. They're so good for each other. Thank you Father.

      You have a wonderful week with lots of stitches and colors. Love you lots my sweet friend.


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