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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Rainy Saturday Morning

     Yes it is overcast and rainy here this morning.  This is from Sandy who is creeping up the coast from Florida and not expected here in eastern NC.  We'll get some wind from her but not a direct hit.  I'm thinking about the people in Virginia on up to New England at this time.  Preparing ahead for possible power outages and all.  Stocking up and even getting out their winter gear and tools.  I just heard that this storm could bring in up to several feet of snow.  Too early for that for sure!  Everyone stay safe please.

     Before I go any further and get onto other subjects! Here is a picture of the wedding gift I've been working on.  This will go to my son who will be 47 in November and getting married for the first time to his beautiful Lisa.  I'm enjoying the colors and the simplicity of this piece right now.  Wedding is in

May, so there is plenty of time to finish, mat and frame it up.

     My kitchen counter is filled with beautiful collards that I picked this morning before the rain got too heavy.  We'll enjoy them tonight for supper.  Just look at them.

Some great bok choy in the garden as well, but I need to experiment with this somewhat.  Not a lot of taste to them and I know that they will absorb the flavor of things they're cooked with or spices added to them.  Any recipes from my dear followers using bok choy will sure be welcomed here!

     Went out walking yesterday and I've been admiring these beautiful berries for a couple of weeks now.  Just had to get a picture of them before they fade away. It's actually an evergreen shrub called "Orange Firethorn".  I was very lucky to get this picture as it was overcast yesterday afternoon as well, but as I approached the shrub, the sun came out for a few minutes showing the bright orange.

     With the wind over the next day or so and the cold moving in Sunday evening, I decided yesterday to start bringing in a few things to overwinter inside.  So in came the Bay shrub and my Bleeding Heart Vine.  A couple of Coleus's and my Christmas Cacti.  A couple of things will go in the shed and we'll be all set.  Do need to drain the garden hoses now that I think of it!

     I do have a new follower I see.  Welcome Kerry! Kerry is a busy working mom and grandmother who loves cross stitching.  Check out her blog at
 xxx Stitching Sister xxx  A couple of vacancies for a retreat coming in the spring. Check it out!

     I need to let you, my dear followers and friends, go for this morning.  I believe I hear my stitchy chair calling me, and it's time for some bonding! You all stay safe and well.  Love each and every one of you.  Don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. That is a lovely piece for the newlyweds. Never to late in life to find love. So sweet.
    Your greens sure look healthy. Enjoy.
    I like those berries too. They would make great Thanksgiving decorations simply in beautiful glass pieces as is on the stems cut to fit.

    1. Indeed! Beautiful for decoration right on the Thanksgiving table! I'm going to find out if I can get a stem of them from the owner.

  2. I love your wedding piece. My Uncle got married for the first time when he was 65, how about that? I am sorry I can't help you with boc choy, not one of my favourites.
    Yes we would love it if we could fill those 4 spots for our retreat. I do have to say we have a great time, but one thing we never seem to get much sleep. We are too busy talking and stitching!!!

  3. A fellow North Carolinian! I will be a new follower for sure. I love the leaves in your header and the wedding piece is just precious.

    We had collards for supper last night but I had to buy mine at the grocery store. I love the things! Those cooked with a smoked turkey leg and a pan of cornbread makes a meal for me.

  4. Myra! Exactly how we feel about the collards! Yes! We love them that much as well, and I have a recipe I've used for years that makes great moist cornbread.

    Thank you for the lovely comments and I'm really enjoying the wedding piece. The leaves at the top of my blog have been finished and the piece was made into one of my fall pillows. It was a fun stitch and a freebie besides.

    So glad that you have decided to become a follower! Hoping that your picture will pop up under my members at the top of the page so others will be able to just click on it and be taken to your blog.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


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