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Thursday, November 1, 2012


     Please let me know if I haven't mentioned the names and blogs of my latest followers.  Thank you so much for joining in and following me and welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

    New followers are, Myra! Myra has a number of great blogs.  A couple of them are, and another,   Please do check these out!

     Another new follower is Jane over at  So check Jane's blog out as well and once again.  Welcome to both ladies.

     I started working on a small freebie to make into a tiny pillow for a friend for Christmas.  It's on hand dyed 14 count Aida.  Color is "Dwarf" from PTP.  I think the piece will make a pretty little gift.  It only takes four colors total.  The bird is actually all one color of red.  My printer is running low on ink so it decided to do up the bird a little different!

          I had a picture in an earlier post of a shrub down the street with beautiful red berries.  I found out it's a Firethorn Victory, and I was fortunate enough to find one at a local nursery.  Mine is about four feet tall right now, but it's a fast grower and will reach up to ten feet high and eight feet around.  Here's a picture of my little one.  I love how bright the berries are!

     Something I noticed when I was outside yesterday was this clover plant! I bet if I were real careful and dug all around the roots of it and replanted it, it would die.  Even if I kept it watered and all.  Yet this plant has decided to grow on its own from the corner of the door that leads into the crawl space under the house! Just look at how pretty and how healthy it looks.  Yes it's a weed and I'm leaving it right where it is!

     Just one more picture and I saw this coming home after an early morning appointment.  Had to walk back and take a picture of it.  It's actually made between two wooden posts of a single mailbox.

     I'm continuing to keep all that were in Sandy's path in prayer.  So much destruction and lives lost even.  An awful storm and it will take so long to recover from the damage.  We had winds from it and a little rain here in NC.  Worse along the outer banks but nothing compared to NJ and other states up the east coast.

     The first frost of the season is predicted for tonight.  All tender plants are in and I'm thinking about the collards being sweeter after this frost.  Sweet or not though, I love them!
     If any of my dear friends and followers here are working up some seasonal stitched pieces and would like for me to include a picture of them on my blog here, please email me a picture of the piece.  Email is I would love to see them.

     Well.  Bill has a nice fire going and we're home for the night, so I think it's time to bond with my own stitching and see if there's anything worth watching on tv.   So, until next time, please be warm, safe and well.  Love each and every one of you, and remember to "feel the color". 


  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! Your new piece is going to be a beauty - I love anything with birds, especially a red one. :o)

    1. I'm enjoying the piece Myra and since it's a freebie, I can email you a copy of the chart if you would like. You let me know, and have a wonderful color filled weekend.


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