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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Little Down Time Is Good

      What a wonderful Christmas season.  Family get togethers for food, fun and gifts.  Busy schedules to take in Christmas services at your favorite church.  Meeting friends for a quick bite to eat.  Last minute shopping and gift wrapping.  Whew! Now for some downtime. A long weekend for some, and a new year coming in.  Please, please be careful if you plan on going out to celebrate.  Mr. Bill and I stay home where it's warm and quiet.  Usually watching all the events on tv and maybe even enjoy some take out.

     I thought first thing this morning that I would bond with my stitching chair, but haven't made it into the room as of yet.  Just puttering though and getting some not so important things done......Well, I guess the laundry would change to important if I put it off too long! Only a couple of  loads and small ones at that.  Mr. Bill is putting up some new rope lights for me.  Have been using strands of white Christmas lights for a while but he got me the rope ones for Christmas.  I had wanted to replace the others forever.  Will be neat when all finished and I'll be sure to post a picture here of the results.

     Do want to show you a picture of this year's lobster feast.  Our older son, Allen, in NH sends us all the lobsters we can eat every year for Christmas.  He has done this for about ten years now and we always look forward to them arriving.  Had some coleslaw and rolls with them this year and we all sat down and picked away.  Bill and I on the left here and younger son Guy and his sweet wife Robin on the right.  Matthew doesn't care for lobster so he was off in another room eating a veggie sub.  Silly boy!

     Outside this morning to check the mail and on my way in, I noticed my Chammelia is blooming! I really do need to move this come spring.  It needs far more sun than what it gets, but I'm happy with the few flowers that I have for the time being.  Got this picture of one of the flowers.

     Ordered the chart for this in the mail several weeks ago and don't know if I mentioned it or not.  I love the colors in it and I can remember trying to sing the song and not knowing all the words when I was just a young girl.  Then I heard Red Skelton sing it on his show one night and taught everyone what the song was really saying.  I was delighted! I have the material and the threads all ready, and I think this will be my next piece.

     Once again my dear friends and followers, you be safe over the holiday coming up.  Stay warm and dry.  Lots of blessings to you and until next time, remember to "feel the colors".  Love you all.


  1. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas, and I love your traditional Christmas feast too!

    We got about another inch of snow here today, so it was refreshing to see the pic of your pretty pink Chammelia in bloom.

    I hope that you make it to your stitching chair yet this evening. I'm heading there soon, but not to stitch... I am working on finishing up a crocheted afghan for my son which I didn't get done in time for Christmas.

    Wishing you and your lovely family all the best in 2013! :-)

    1. Hello Tracey and a Happy New Year to you and your family. You have no idea how often I think of you and pray for you.

      I did indeed make it to that stitching chair, although it was later than what I hoped. I did get in some stitching though and watched a little tv as well.

      I finally finished the Hardanger work around GiGi this past weekend. Praise the Lord! LOL. I now, will hem the edges and get it mounted on the material that Lisa sent. What took me the longest was the Hardanger work! Everytime I would get to the bottom of the piece, I would find that I would be a stitch or two off. I think I took the border out four times total! GiGi just kept being her pretty self through the whole process though.

      You have a wonderful year full of blessings girlfriend.

  2. I can see the steam rising from the lobsters in the photo. Does he ship them alive? Can't imagine a package of lobsters arriving at the door.
    Enjoy a little down time. Happy New Year.

    1. Yes they do arrive alive! All boxed and sealed. Inside the box is a foam ice chest with the lobsters along with ice packs, a little seaweed, directions on how to cook them and even bibs for everyone! We always enjoy them and have fun. That is indeed steam and I wondered if anyone would notice it in the picture!

      Happy New Year to you as well my friend. I am so looking forward to getting outside with my flowers and all again.

  3. Your Chammelia is beautiful, nice to see that pop of color in the winter. I am so thankful we don't get snow but I am ready for the rain to end. It has been cold and wet, I am ready for some warm weather.
    What a nice tradition, I am glad you had a great Christmas. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year

    1. Hi Natasha! A happy New Year to you and yours as well!

      It is indeed neat to see flowers in bloom this time of the year here in eastern NC. It still amazes me actually since I'm from the very cold north originally.

      Thank you for stopping and often Natasha. It means a lot to me.


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