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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No More Colds Here!

     You got it! Our coughs and sniffles and all are gone and we're doing great! I've been busy wrapping and have gotten all our gifts mailed out.  Need to pick up gifts for a couple more people but all is good.

     Before I get into anything else, I want to apologize to one of my newest followers.  I said that Emma didn't have a blog, but she certainly does! A lovely one over at  Yes! She does stitch and is working on a piece right now.  So don't forget to check the blog out and join in.  Thank you again Emma for becoming a follower.  I look forward to your visits.

     Another new follower is Judy over at Stitchin' and Scrappin'  Has some pictures over there of some pretty work she has done.  Would love to become a follower of yours Judy, but I haven't seen anywhere there to join.  Am I missing something? Let us know.  Glad you're here!

     My brand spanking newest follower is Sue Payton.  Welcome! Thank you for joining in and if you also have a blog, please let me know so I can visit you.

     I did finish up another small gift.  A little Christmas pillow for a friend.  It was quick to stitch up but I must say that I really don't enjoy stuffing these pillows.  I'm never sure just how much filling I need to put into them.  I stuff and push the filling into all the corners, and seems in order for it to stay there, I have to stuff the whole pillow really full.  Any hints? I sure would appreciate them.

     Our grandson Matthew is still with us for the time being and he's doing really well.  Miss the bugger when he goes home for the weekends! Went for a walk to the store the other day to pick up the paper and he felt that we needed to bring Riley as well.  So off we went.

   As nature would have it, a lizard was found on the way back from the store, and Matthew had to bring it home.  Grampa told him that he could keep it inside if he wanted to......Thanks Grampa.  The lizard decided that the wall right beside the big clock in my stitching room was the place to hang out.

     Grampa and Matthew worked together this morning putting in a new door handle.  Matt loves to work with Grampa doing anything at all and this time it was the new handle.

     Checked out the yard the other day and saw this Hydrangea! All the others have of course bloomed and are now all gone by and brown.  Not this little one though

and I love plants with berries.  Green, purple, red or yellow.  I love them all, and here is one of the Nandina plants that I put in last summer.  It was about six inches tall at the time and is now about four feet tall.  You won't see the whole plant here, but just the berries.

     Seems I'm jumping here there and everywhere on this post and the only excuse that I can think of is that I was down a few days with that cold and now I'm up and at em' again.  Just can't seem to zoom in on any one thing at the moment.  Even my stitching, with Matthew here, and not because he requires a lot of watching and all, but it does seem like to sit for a couple of hours and just stitch hasn't happened in a long time.  Something I need to tend to for sure.  I will be getting back to "A Good Marriage".  I've been enjoying that one.

     So I need to let you, my dear friends and followers, go for now.  Until next time, stay safe and warm and remember to, "feel the colors".  Love you all.


  1. Hi, Linda,
    A lizard...eeeekkk! I wouldn't like that at all, I can't even handle a mouse, which we do get in this old house occasionally, even with all the cats! Your nandina plant is so pretty, I bought one this summer, then later found out it is hardy only to zone 7 (we are 6) so I doubt it survives the winter, too bad, it is such a lovely plant. How nice it is to see your grandson enjoying time with grandpa. Have a Merry Christmas!!


    1. This lizard actually looks huge in the picture! Oh my! LOL. It was probably about six inches long and I haven't seen it since it came in!

      Try covering your nandina through the winter maybe with some burlap. It may live. A neat thing about this plant is that the berries will fall on the ground and will grow into more plants come spring!

      Matthew absolutely loves doing things with Grampa. Funny thing is that I just noticed that in the picture he has on his pajama bottoms! What was up with that!

      Thank you so much Melind for stopping in. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. My goodness, that lizard is big. Your pillow is lovely. I think you put the right amount of stuffing in.

  3. Hi Mary~Thank you for the compliment. I always feel that I'm putting too much stuffing in but wouldn't the corners give way if I didn't pack it tightly? Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Hi Linda, thank you for the warm welcome! :)


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