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Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Monday!

     It's certainly a beautiful one here.  We've been outside a good part of the day working with God's good soil.  A little weeding.  A little planting and some transplanting as well.  What a wonderful day.

     Wanted to give you an update on "Quaker Diamonds".  Just started another motif last night which is mostly rusts, but will have a touch of blue in it here and there.  Colors in this shot look a

little washed out, but there will be more pictures to come soon.

     I just may take a little break from the diamonds tonight and do up a quick little piece from Heart In Hand called "Wee One". Should have thrown the other colors in that will be used, but I had just picked up the blue and red and never thought about the others.  Should be able to do it up this evening I think.  I'm going to use the piece of Aida that I dyed with the beets.  We'll see what happens.

    To my new followers! Thank you for deciding to join me here.  Looking forward to getting to know each one of you.  You, my dear friends and followers are very important to me.  Latest new followers are, Karen over at I was over visiting her the other morning at three o'clock and found some eye candy there! I don't mean stitching ladies!
Another new follower is Theresa at  Cathy H. is also a new follower but I can't seem to find a blog for her.  If you do have one Cathy, please let us know so we can get to know you and all.  Same for Bonita.  Glad you're here Bonita.  Last but not least is Kevin.  He's over at and I've kept a check on all his stitching  for a couple of years now.  Then found out recently that he has his own blog.  Check it out.

     We had a great weekend and ate out a couple of times with our good friend, Dave.  Here's a picture of hubby Bill on the left and Dave on the right.  He helped Bill with an auto repair over the weekend.  We should all have a buddy like "Uncle Dave".  Love him lots.  Had to get one of Bill

under the car of course.  That's our old license plate from NH that you see over Bill.  We have our NC plate on the back as it should be, but wanted to keep this one on the front.  Doing any type of

mechanical repair on any car is not something that Bill had ever done before.  After removing the pan that hold the transmission fluid.  Cleaning it and having the hole in it patched, he put the pan back in place.  Found no leaks whatsoever.  Excellent job Billy, and thank Uncle Dave for keeping an eye on the whole procedure.

     Going to let ya'll go for now.  Until next time, be well and stay safe.  Love you all and don't forget to "feel the colors".     


  1. I wanted to let you know that I always enjoy reading your blog. Quaker Diamonds is looking wonderful--such lovely colors!

    1. You're so sweet Mary Ann and I see that you're my newest follower. So happy that you're here. I agree that the colors in the diamonds are so pretty. Please stop in often and I'm hoping to find your blog as well. Headed there now.

    2. Couldn't find a blog for you Mary Ann and couldn't get Google to let me send you a message. Drat!

  2. Stitching coming along nicely!

  3. Here is my blog...

    I would love a visit from you!
    Mary Ann

  4. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your Quaker project is beautiful!
    I enjoyed looking at your blog very much.
    I will return to see your progress!

  5. Happy spring, Linda! The Quaker Diamonds look lovely! I do like those colors.


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