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Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Followers and Their Blogs!

     As I find out the blogs that some of my new followers have, I want to post the addresses here.  If you don't see your blog listed here, it's only because I don't have the address.  Please let me know if you do indeed have a blog or two or three so we can all enjoy them.  Thank you so much, and thank you for joining me here.

     Cathy H.  has a great blog over at  She finishes other's needlework pieces.  Makes the pieces into all kinds of beautiful things.  Go check her blog out!

     Poppy! I'm now a new follower of her lovely blog over at  Poppy does some great stitching and has a fur baby, Snowball.  Gardening inspires a lot of what she stitches.

     Mary Ann's blog is over at  Mary Ann stitches all kinds of beautiful things for charities.  Stop in and see her!

     Shanda is over at Stitch Crazy at She just finished up a beautiful piece of the "Lord's Prayer" and is trying to calm an adopted fur baby.  Beautiful stitching.

     Welcome newbees, and if I've overlooked anyone, please, please let me know.

     A picture of my snips and bits container for this month.  Nice progress this time around I think. Colorful to say the least.

     Some pictures of new garden beds, and some herbs I put in yesterday also.  We love working outside.

     New Parsley, flat leaf and curly.  They are indeed perennials in this area, but if they get eaten by the butterfly larvas, they're gone!  A new Rosemary also.  I have one in the back which is three feet by four feet.  I want to try trimming back this new one every fall to keep in small.  We'll see what happens.

Until next time, be safe and well, and remember to "feel the colors".  Love to all my friends and followers.


  1. Your garden beds looks so good with all those plants in there. The promise of good eats.

  2. I am a follower. My blog address is

  3. Your garden beds are such a lovely sight to see! It makes me miss my garden beds at my old house so much.

    1. Can you put in some beds at your new house Erynne? If not, you can maybe change to container gardening. Check out Gardener on Sherlock Street above and look through her beautiful blog. She uses all kinds of things to grow beautiful plants in.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hi, returning the following, thanks for commenting on my Blogaversary post. Your blog isn't listed on your following profile, you can change it in Settings quite easily so more people can find you.
    I also recommend removing the Anonymous posting option in Comments, it will get rid of your spammer!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your stitching. I must ask, does the beet-dyed fabric smell of beet? I used to work in a shop where we boiled up and sold cooked beetroots, the smell was quite powerful! I use fruit tea to get a lovely pink and it smells gorgeous too.

    1. Hi Jo and thank you so much for becoming a new follower of mine. I think I could use your help to get the two things straightened out on my blog. If you don't mind that it. I did go over to "who can comment" unchecked the anonymous one which I did have checked. Now I'm wondering which one is best to check....Hmmmmm.
      Registered User - includes OpenID or
      User with Google Accounts
      For now I have checked Registered User, but I don't know if that's correct or not. What do you have checked on your blog?
      Now the second problem. I want my blog to be easy to find, and I'm not quite sure where to go to change this. Could you direct me? Where do I go after I'm at settings?
      LOL. No! The fabric didn't smell like beets, and I shouldn't laugh as I did actually check that out! I'll be trying the tea for sure. Hope to hear back from you Jo. LindaLee

    2. Registered Users is best as not everyone has a Google account, that's the setting I have and I rarely get spam certainly never in my comments.
      To include your email and blog address, go into your Dashboard, click on your name on the left hand side which takes you into your profile, click on the orange button labelled Edit Profile, then under Privacy tick show my email and show my blogs. Under identity enter your email address the people can respond directly to comments you leave.
      I notice that you use the Reply option in your comments a lot. Most people who follow blogs don't tend to come back to check comments (it's hard to keep track if you follow lots of blogs!). A better way is to have all comments sent to your email address and reply through the email system.
      Hope this helps, any other blogging questions do ask!

  6. Hi Linda Lee! I just found your blog over at The Sampler Girl's blog!

    Linda (Sue) in VA

    1. Hello Linda! So glad you stopped in. I just checked your blog out as well and would love to become a follower, but couldn't find where to sign up for it. I love your beautiful work. Keep up the great work and come back often. Hugs and Colors to you.


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