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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Slacking Here

     It was brought to my attention by my good buddy "Uncle Dave" that I haven't posted in a while! I'm apologizing to my dear friends and followers for that, and will try to catch you up on the past
couple of weeks.

     You can see in my header how far I've gotten on "Quaker Diamonds", and I'm still enjoying it with all the beautiful colors so much.  I love the hand dyed fabric also, as it gives it an antique type look.  So pretty together.

     I did start, "Little America" and picked up a piece of material this morning at Hobby Lobby to add to the piece once finished to make it into a small pillow.  Here it is so far, with the material as well.  This is the Aida that I hand dyed with beet juice!

     Our little gardens are looking good..  So glad Bill put in the new raised beds.  He loves working with God's good earth every bit as much as I do and I love watching him.  We were also given some tomato plants and squash plants this morning, so they're all in as well.  Forgot to ask what kind of squash, so we may not know until after they've bloomed and set the squash! Love them all though.  This first picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.  The second is the same garden today. Going to be some nice cabbage and Brussel sprouts.

     Also noticed that we have pea pods now.  Not the clearest picture, but they're there!

     Check out all the berries forming on my Firebush!  I'm so glad that it's doing well.  Come summer all the berries should be bright red!

     Last of all.  I always have to post one picture of my Spider Wart.  I put in one plant two years ago and last year I divided them.  They'll be divided again this fall.  They're in the front, back and one side of the house now.  I love their simplicity, and how they stand so tall.  This is just two of the hundreds of blooms that I have right now.

     Want to be sure to let you know about some new followers. 
    First there's Cindy over at homeofaflossjunkie.blogspot  Check it out.  She has a great blog and a sweet stitching helper named Elvira.
     Then there is Jo who has several great blogs.  One is
Check that one out and you'll find all her others as well.
     Last new follower is Linda over at LifeAsIKnowIt blogspot.  What beautiful creations she has over there.  Check them all out and enjoy!  Thank you my new followers for jumping on board.

     Until next time.  I love you all.  Stay safe and well and don't forget to "feel the colors".


  1. Love your Spider Wart, ugly name for a pretty plant!
    Thanks for the link too. I have one main blog Serendipitous Stitching plus a blog purely for my Happy Dances aka finished projects. The other blogs are all group blogs with various other stitchers, I do love to be part of a group!

  2. Quaker Diamonds looks great! So does all your produce.

  3. Beautiful stitching and gardening!

  4. Your gardens are doing very well. They'll be blossoming with all kinds of goodies for you soon. Enjoy!

  5. Love to read your 'garden stories'. Your stitching is lovely, I long tostart Quaker diamonds as well, but I've too many things on the needle right now.

  6. your Quaker Diamonds is looking great! and i love seeing how spring is bursting out in your garden!

  7. Your Quaker Diamonds is coming along and looks so pretty!
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. I appreciate it!

    Linda in VA


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