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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Fantastic Saturday.

     We just had a perfectly enjoyable Saturday today.  The weather was not too warm and we even  had a few misty spells.  More rain is expected tonight.  We just kind of puttered both at home and out.  No need to hurry for anything at all.  Just enjoying our time "Bill and I" together.

     Our garden is really doing quite well this year and we're enjoying tomatoes, summer squash and green beans right now.  Nothing like fresh veggies.  Matthew had been wanting some fried green tomatoes so I picked up two nice green tomatoes the other day.  Well, the next day when I got ready to fix them, I realized that overnight they had ripened too much.  Off to get a couple more of them, and I fried them up Friday afternoon so Matthew's mom and dad could take them to him.  As a surprise, I also picked some fresh blueberries from our one bush in the back.  Big fat ones this year!  God is so good to us!

     Back to today.  Remember? The fantastic Saturday? We went to a thrift store right here in town and we must have puttered around in there for a good hour.  I love when I can just take my time in this type of store.  Examine things that look interesting to me and all.  I did find a cabinet that I'll be using as a bedside table in the room that we'll be making over into a guest room.  Here's a picture of it.  By the way,,,,,,they wanted $35. and I got it for $20. I did good I think.  Bill will add a back to it and I'll paint the inside white and she'll be ready to just sit and be pretty with a lamp on top.

By the way, the checkered board you see behind this cabinet, is the blocking board that I just made.  I've had the supplies for a while but just kept putting it off.  Now, with a shawl and three scarves to block, I figured it was about time I do something with the board.  It's made of half inch foam board.  An old beach towel and the material on top which is one inch squares.  Only other thing I used was duck tape to connect the three pieces of foam board.  Now is that quick and easy or what?  Silly that I put it off all that time.

     Now there's a couple that lives up the street and around the corner from us that has a beautiful garden.  I'll have to see if she minds if I take some pictures of it.  I had been admiring for quite some time some green and white tall grass that she had, and finally got up enough courage the other day to ask her what it was.  She told me it was Japanese Bamboo and she wound up digging some up and giving it to me.  I just plain love people that feel it's a gift to share flowers.  I believe this is actually a smaller version of the real Japanese Bamboo, as it grows only about five feet tall.  It multiplies and it looks so pretty in the wind.  I potted it this morning.  Will keep in safe there until I decide exactly where I want it. Thank you dear Helen.

     Oh! I nearly forgot! When I brought Helen over some pieces of a rose bush I have, she gave me a package of home made by herself, Lumpia! Now I don't know how many of you, my sweet friends and followers, have had the opportunity to try these.  So just let me say that they are filled with chopped meat, usually pork, and finely chopped fresh veggies.  The wrappers are very tender and flaky when fried.  So good! Again! Thank you so much Helen.

     Going back to a little earlier in the week, we saw a beautiful herb garden.  The restaurant next door to the garden uses all the fresh herbs in the dishes they make.  Just look at this Fennel that I'm standing beside! What's so neat is that the garden is right in front of the house and right next to the sidewalk.  You can brush the herbs gently and smell the beautiful fragrances.  Where did all that gray hair come from anyway?!

Another view of the garden.  Will have to go back and get some better angles.

     I've been putting in an hour here and a few minutes there on my stitching this week.  I swear that I could finish it in a day if I just sat down and did it.  I am loving this piece though and here it is so far.

     Oh my goodness! Before I let you go, I must tell you about another wonderful blog that I found.  It's called "Knitalatte" and you can find it here at, Please do drop in there and take a look at her beautiful knitting and crochet work.  A lovely lady indeed.

     Now, I must go.  I am so happy to have you stop in from time to time and see what's going on in my world.  Please know that you all mean so much to me.  Love you lots.  You also Uncle Dave!  Glad you liked that fried green tomato! Until next time, ya'll stay safe and well.  Remember to "feel the colors".  The greens are so soothing to me.  What are your favorites?


  1. Hello

    Great post, I enjoyed reading it.
    Great cabinet, what a find.
    I love to receive plants as presents and have quite a few. I always remember the giver when tending them.

    Beautiful photos of the herb garden too.

    Lovely stitching, sometimes I feel sad when something I love to stitch comes to an end.

    Have a good week (:

  2. Linda Lee,
    Thank you for stopping by knitalatte and leaving such a sweet comment about my blog.
    Was I surprised that as I'm reading your post this morning you'd mentioned me here as well with a linky!
    Super... Now I've found you and had the enjoyment of reading about your garden delights.
    I really like the idea of having a garden that others can enjoy such as your neighbors herb garden in the pic.
    It must smell amazing as you walk by. I've a sister who is the 'gardner' of the family and I'll be visiting
    her next month up where she lives in Washington. I can't wait to see and taste the tomatoes. As there really isn't anything better then off the vine picked veggies. Last time I visited, I left all the clothes I'd brought with so I'd have room in my suitcase to bring back pumpkins and squashes. Security had a field day with me Haha...Hope to come back by to see your finished piece. So pretty...

  3. Nice little cupboard find and your stitching is really pretty. Thanks for sharing your world. I enjoyed reading!

  4. Nice cupboard that you found at the second hand store.I love little finds like that! I just finished my Home of a Needleworker on Saturday!
    Happy Stitching


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