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Monday, July 29, 2013

Shame On Me!

     Can't believe that it was days ago that I posted last.  So sorry about that.  We have been busy with appointments and even this week looks like it's going to be a busy on.  I'm back though and want to try to post at least three days each week.  I want to be as faithful to my followers as you have been to me.  I appreciate all of you.  Your visits and your comments.  Your prayers and your friendships.  Thank you so very much for encouraging me in so many ways.

     Though this blog was and still is, about my love of cross stitch, it seems that lately, knitting has taken up a lot of time.  I find that sitting in waiting rooms, it's best to bring something that I don't have to concentrate as much on as I do my cross stitch.  Another wash cloth in progress.  Just started this actually.

I also ran across a free pattern that I had copied and put aside.  Only takes one skein of sock type yarn, so decided to start that also.  Here's the progress on it.  I do love the yarn with all the sparkles in it.

     We became dog sitters for a few days this past week also.  We do well with our own, Riley, but it seems that you add one more and the house becomes quite busy.  Our first little visitor needed ear drops, eye washes and vitamin E on his nose once and twice each day.  We soon found that he didn't like any of that stuff, so it was a job in itself for each application.  Bill would hold Ricky while he squirmed and shook his head, yelped and wiggled as much as he could until I could finally get the meds in his ear, eyes or on his nose.  Didn't think to take a picture of Ricky.

     Over the weekend, we took care of Arturo, who is a very tiny six pound dog with a big name! He actually belongs to my little daughter-in-law, Robin and my son, Guy.  They had gone up to the hospital in Virginia to visit Matthew for the weekend and their usual sitter was gone as well.  So over here with Nana and Grampa was the next best thing for Arturo.  He is really a funny little thing.  He and Riley play well together.  I stripped our bed the other day to put on clean sheets and all.  Decided to wash all the blankets.  So, as they dried I started to put the folded ones on the bed while waiting for the sheets.  I guess Arturo likes a clean fresh bed as well, as I caught him sitting right in the middle of the clean blankets.

     Bill has started cleaning out the veggie beds.  Tomatoes are nearly done producing as are the summer squash plants.  He has some buckwheat seed.  Going to put some in to help the soil in the beds once everything is out.  Will save a small area to put in some garlic this fall.  I just may throw in an Egyptian onion or two as well.  Those always come back on their own, so may as well get some going in with the veggies.

     My goal this week is to finish "Promise Me" by Sunday.  I do have a good start on it, and want to get the Spider Banner done up next so it will be all framed for Halloween come October.  Am I rushing things? I don't think so.  I normally wait too long to start something, so want to get a jump on it this time.

     So how many are ready for a giveaway? I have been so blessed this year.  Have won some beautiful threads.  A beautiful Vera Bradley tote and some charts as well.  I was also sent a beautiful hand stitched pillow.  Now it's my turn to give back and I'm looking forward to it.  So my very next post, I'll give you the information about the giveaway and start taking down names for the drawing.  It will be a fun package to receive I think.  So keep an eye out!

     So for now my dear friends and followers, I will let you go.  Please be safe and well and for sure, don't forget to "feel the colors".



  1. Arturo is so cute. As I was reading and you mentioned the laundry, I thought you were going to say he ended up wrapped up in the sheets. I am glad he was just on the blanket looking CUTE.

  2. I love the knitting, something I don't know how to do. You've reminded me that I haven't had a give away in a long time, I may just have to have a blow-out give away soon.

  3. What a cutie - Arturo looks like he belongs in that very spot! Both knitting pieces are looking pretty; no reason we should have pretty things even when they're made to be useful!

  4. I should have read that before I hit publish, because there's no reason why we SHOULDN'T have pretty things, :o)

  5. Your stuff is looking great Linda. Keep up the good work. Hugs,Kimberly

  6. Adorable puppy! My dogs love to sleep on the clean laundry, too. : ) Your knitting is lovely. Hopefully you'll make your goal of finishing Promise Me this weekend. It is always such a nice feeling to have a finish!! :)

  7. I like to have a bit of knitting with me as well when I have appointments, travel, etc. I'm blind as a bat when it comes to stitching without my daylight magnifying lamp so knitting fits the bill : ) Arturo is one cute dog!

  8. Your grand-puppy is cute! Hope you get a lot of stitching done this week.

  9. Awww Arturo is adorable! :)

    Your dishcloth is coming along nicely.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the info. :) Wishing you a lovely day filled with many blessings. :)

  10. Este cãozinho é muito lindo e esperto,pois gosta de cobertas limpas.Continue bordando e tricotando ,Você trabalha muito bem.Boa semana.Que Deus à abençoe.Arlete


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