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Friday, July 19, 2013

Things Going On Here

     Just thought it was time for an update here.  Have had another busy week with dental appointments this time.  Bill is finally getting some relief from the pain and has an appointment or two next week.  Keep those prayers coming dear followers and friends.  Every prayer is answered.

     The piece I was working on that I showed you in my previous post has come to a stop for a couple of days.  All I have left on it is the wording and have actually started that, but realized that I wasn't going to have enough thread.  So I sent for another skein and it should be here by Monday or so.

     In the meantime I decided to get a quick start on "Promise Me" by Lizzie Kate.  I want to make three or four of these pieces total, so may as well get moving on the first.  Forty five minutes into it, I had to put it away and head home from the dentist! I don't go anywhere without something to work on.  So not much progress but this is it so far.
This is what it will look like once finished.  I'm using the threads called for.
     Oh my goodness! I ordered a piece of Aida from "Under the Sea Fabrics" and it's prettier than it was in a picture I saw of it.  I was going to do "Halloween Banner" on a golden piece I had ordered, but when this one came yesterday, I've totally changed my mind.  Just look at those threads on the fabric.  The color is called, Tarnished Silver.  What do you think my readers? I think it will make the big old black spider look even spookier!
     I'm still picking up my knitting needles in the evenings for the most part and have made two more facecloths.
     I have to show you a project I did the other day.  I was storing my kitchen utensils in an old metal green bean can.  Never gave it much thought until I went to throw a small can away and decided to dress them up a bit.  All it took was what is shown below plus a glue gun.
Once finished, this is what I wound up with.  It all took an hour maybe.  Garden twine for bows.

     I've been using a lot of my herbs this summer and here is the beginning of a couple of tea bags and a bunch of Lemon Verbena.  This was right before I filled the pitcher with water and set it out in the sun this morning.  You can't see the two tea bags in there.
Here is the after picture, and it tastes so good.  I haven't even added sugar to it and may not.  It is still warm at this time but in the refrigerator.  I did the same thing with some of my mint last week and it was every bit as good.
     I have two new followers and I want to point you to their blogs.  First is my new follower, Minnie, who has her own blog over at  All XX's  You need to go over and visit with her. Beautiful stitching indeed.  Thank you Minnie for becoming a follower here.  The second is another stitcher of some beautiful pieces as well.  Haven't gotten her name yet, but her blog is here So check on  both of these ladies.
     Just one last picture and a question.  Do you think Riley is comfortable? I mean....Gosh! Do you think he needs anything at all? Just wondering.
Until next time, you all take care and be safe.  Remember to, "feel the colors".  Love to all.


  1. Promise Me is a current WIP for me too, isn't it a lovely piece? I love Lizzie*Kate designs :D

  2. Hi linda, thanks so much for mention my blog. I see you are a busy lady, and the halloween project will be really spooky. wish you a great weekend, sunny kisses from Rio, Alice

  3. You have been busy with some nice projects! I love Lemon Verbena and plant it every year. Into the sun tea it shall go tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. Will continue praying!

  4. Hi Linda
    Thanks for the comment
    your idea of lemon yerbena is nice
    Riley seems to be comfortable i too love animals
    love- maria

  5. A couple of comments -
    1. I have never seen Aida cloth in that color - wonderful
    2. I am curious why you had to send off for the thread - is it a special color or do you not live near a store where you can purchase it.
    3. Your black cans are just too cute!

    1. I had to send off for the thread as we don't have a LNS here. Unfortunately, it is a hand dyed floss, and when I got what I just sent for, it wasn't a good match at all. So that piece is on hold until I decide how to finish it.

  6. That fabric is gorgeous! Those flosses are really going to look great on it. Love what you did with the cans - so cute!

  7. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. That was a very creative idea with the cans and I love that fabric those threads will be beautiful on it.

  8. I have the Promise Me to start soon. I have to pick up my threads for it this Saturday. I have always liked this little saying. Praying for your hubby. Take care,Kimberly


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