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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A New Week

     Here it is Sunday once again.  The start of a brand new week.  I hear that back home in NH, the nights are cooler and working outside is a little easier in the mornings before the sun is up real high.  The temperatures are going down here in eastern NC as well and it's feeling real good.  These days are so welcomed after our hot and humid summer.  Now's the time to clean out the gardens and chop the last of this coming winter's wood.  It's cool enough and breezy enough tonight that I just may sleep outside.

     "Promise Me" was finished last night with a total of 24 hours and fifteen minutes.  I loved working on it and now will get it all framed up for Matthew for his room.

     I'll be starting on "Spider Banner" this evening.  I think it will be a quick stitch but oh,,,,,the chart is so tiny.  Magic Eyes piece for sure, but it will be fun with just four colors.

     I found this afternoon that my Firethorn Shrub is a gonner.  I was so looking forward to its beautiful bright red berries this year and it is indeed loaded with small green ones right now.  I found though that it has white furry growth on the bottom side of all the branches, and once you try to remove it, you can see all the little brown bugs.  These suck all the nutrients from the shrub and you can't get rid of them.  So, I'll dig that out and it will give me the perfect spot for my Butterfly Shrub that I hadn't put in yet.  This will be something that will bloom all summer also, right beside the back porch.  Nice.

     In the meantime, the Beautyberry Shrub that I put in last year is looking beautiful.  Just look at the color of the berries on it, and there are hundreds of them.

There is also the Pampas Grass that I planted two years ago.  It has to be at least ten feet high now, and this picture was taken just the other day as the sun was shining on it.

     A big old fat bee loves the Joe Pie Weed.

     God has given us a wonderful summer and we're looking forward to what He has in store for us come fall.  Looking forward to  fires in the wood stove.  Hot tea on the back porch.  Soups and stews, and the feel of the warm sun on a crispy cool day.  Also looking for "Uncle Dave", my friend, to come back this way.  Miss you Uncle Dave.

     I'm surprised that there are so few signing up for my giveaway.  Drawing will be the 26th. of September so there's still time.  I'm having fun finding little things to go into this mystery box.  I know it will make someone happy.  Check out my previous post to see the rules.

     Until next post, please stay safe and well.  I love all of my dear sweet followers and friends.  Remember to, "feel the colors".  Some beautiful autumn ones are on the way.


  1. What a wonderful finish. I just love this saying - so inspiring. Your garden pictures are gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful stitching. Matthew will be pleased. Your garden is lovely. Like you, I'm looking forward to fall.

  3. I love "Promise Me". I tell my daughter something similar all the time.

  4. Love that verse and you've stitched it beautifully. Sorry you lost a favorite bush; shame on those little bugs! Enjoy your weather. We're to be in the 90's all week with the heat index to at least 105. Too warm for me!

  5. I so enjoyed all the photos! So sorry you lost your Firethorn : ( We found one of those Beautyberry shrubs a couple years ago but it died almost as soon as we planted it. We've not seen them for sale since. Love that the pampas grass is so high! Great stitching on Matthew's gift!

  6. your finishes are always so beautiful!!! Love it!!! Another to add to my want to do list!!!!!
    I love all of the outdoor pictures!!!!! You 'feel the color' in your nature photos!

  7. Beautiful stitching..your garden is looking so sweet.
    Big hugs x

  8. I love how "Promise Me" came out. Your stitching is beautiful. I am planning to stitch that one up for my older daughter for Christmas. She sometimes forgets how wonderful she is.

  9. I love your L*K stitch. I remember falling in love with the say instantly when I first saw it. So inspirational :)

  10. So sorry about your plant. I hope the butterfly bush does well there. Congrats on the finish -- it looks great.

  11. "Promise Me" will be a great gift for your grandson! The beautyberry shrub is really vibrant and so pretty.


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