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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Needles and Threads

     What would we do without them? Needles and Threads that is.  Just the beautiful colors and combinations of colors alone are enough to set me off on a new pair of knitted mittens or a shawl.  A new cross stitch piece to start, or another crocheted afghan.  I did indeed enjoy the baby afghan I just finished up and it was very well liked by the new mom to be, but it didn't take long for me to grab a small needle and my threads to get started on a cross stitched Christmas gift.

     Now I can't say what the gift is yet, as the recipient will stop in from time to time, but here is what I've gotten done so far.  I love the blues in it and how they turn into waves.

     I also crocheted up some coasters.  Real quick project and coasters are always good.  Here are four of them in the guest room.

     I've also started a shawl for myself and have been taking it with me to Bill's radiation appointments.  He's in and out so quickly that I know getting my cross stitch out would give me just enough time for only a few stitches.  So the knitted shawl is just the thing.  Especially with size ten needles.  Loving the colors in it.

     I want to thank all of my dear friends and followers for the thoughts and prayers for Bill and I both the last several weeks.  They all mean so much and they're all helping Bill and I get through this trial with cancer.  God is so good and is aware of every thought and prayer.  Bill is now over halfway through the radiation treatments and there has been a couple of problems arise from it.  Both kind of expected and one was dealt with, with a little help from a topical cream. The other will go away in time.

     My little daughter-in-law is recovering from the total knee replacement surgery.  Has her therapy every day and she's a hard worker, so she's coming along.  I'm very proud of her and how well she's doing.

     Matthew, my grandson is also doing great since he has been back home.  He loves his new school and he's growing tall.  He told me this morning that he kissed a girl! Now, I know all little boys kiss a girl and the first time is quite the deal.  Matthew though, is nearly sixteen and is an Asphergian, so this was quite a step for him.

     I also want to thank all my followers for stopping in and leaving comments.  You've all been very patient for sure as I've fallen behind in answering all of you.  I will catch up though for sure.  You're all very important to me.

     Once again.  I'll be headed to my needlework room in just a minute or two to get in some stitching.  Please, all of you stay well and safe and until next time, "feel those colors".


  1. beautiful stitching..
    pretty knitting..i love knitting too.
    happy hugs x

  2. All your stitching is lovely - the baby afghan is such a sweet pink (I did look back just to remind myself), and your shawl is going to be so comfy. It's great to hear that the radiation treatments are going well for Bill and your sweet daughter-in-law. And yay for Matthew! That's a huge milestone for him. Take care, dear lady!

  3. Oops - got sidetracked for a moment - glad your sweet daughter-in-law is healing well!

  4. Good Morning, I have been missing in reading my blogs. I will be back when I get my prescription reading glasses after having cataracts taken off both eyes. First one in Sept and the last one done the 14th of this month. I think of you quite often when I enjoy my goodie box. Of course, truffles don't last long and I will enjoy a cup of hot tea and a home made cinnamon roll this morning for breakfast. I love the Amish bakery goods. I love your sewing and knitting. I will have to talk to my husband about the way you correct your knitting mistakes. He is the knitter in our family and I just embroidery.I will keep praying for your family. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  5. I love all your work. The shawl is just lovely and the coasters are great. I love the colors of your WIP.

    1. Thank you Mary. I enjoy all kinds of needlework.

  6. You are one busy little stitching bee! That shawl is in a lovely colorway and it looks like it is going to be quite cozy to nestle under in the winter months. I am happy to hear that Bill is doing well and my prayers remain with you both. We all understand about the falling behind thing for keeping up with all of our friends in blog-land so don't you give it a second thought! It's all about living our lives and sharing things when we have the time and/or inclination. Looking forward to seeing more stitched projects in the near future, oh and that cross-stitch Christmas present in the making does indeed have a lovely colorway but then I'm a sucker for blues :D
    Hugs and be well my friend

    1. Good morning Beth. That cross stitch gift will be getting some greens in it today I believe. It will be a picture of a lighthouse with the serenity prayer. I'm enjoying the stitch.
      I want to thank you so much for all the prayers. They mean so much and to know that each and every one of them are heard is such a blessing. They are indeed helping so very much.
      Hugs and Blessings to you dear Beth.

  7. So wonderful to hear about all your family. God is faithful for sure! Enjoy working on your new projects!

  8. I am glad that everyone seems to be doing better. Knee replacement is a bit of a recovery and I am glad Bill's treatments are "in and out".

    Love the shawl. You inspire me to get some yarn to knit something- maybe a baby sweater.

  9. Great update! Sending thoughts and prayers for you all!

  10. Gorgeous colours in your post today. I also love your header picture.

    Well done to your Grandson too, I love the description Aspergian, makes him sound like a cool character from Star Trek!! It's good to hear about these guys developing as they grow up. I have a group of ASD parents all with children age 4-5 so this is all in the future for us.


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