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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Week

     Just to catch ya'll up on what's going on here at our house.  It has been appointments every day, and at times, two or three on the same day.  All important though and thankful that we can say that things are being watched and taken care of.
     Bill had treatment 11 today and he's doing real well.  Only difference he says is the fact that he gets tired a lot.  We're fortunate though to be retired, so he can lay down and nap or just rest for a few minutes.  Here's a great picture of him, on the right and my "Uncle Dave".  Dave is such a great friend to us.  Love him lots.

     My little daughter-in-law, Robin had a total knee replacement on Monday. and now has a road of healing ahead of her.  She has suffered for a long time with that knee situation, so I'm glad it's behind her and that she did so well.  Here's a picture of her the day after and still very sedated.  I asked her for a thumbs up and she even tried to smile.  Love that lady.  She'll get me back for posting this one for sure!

     As I mentioned a few days ago.  I'm working just on an afghan for our first great grand baby, and it's coming right along.  I must admit though, that I am missing my cross stitching so very much and all the beautiful colors that I normally work with.  In time though.  In time.

     Matthew has been home for a week or so now and is doing a wonderful job at his new school.  Came in first place on a science test the first day he was there. He finishes his homework during the school day if he can, and has got into socializing with a lot of kids there.  Something that he was never able to do in the past.  He has come a long way.
     We really are enjoying this time of year here in eastern NC.  Cooler nights and mornings and the sun warms us up during the day.  Bill has started some lettuces and broccoli in the raised beds.  Some cabbage also.  That's his relaxation a good part of the time.  We're sleeping out tonight on a couple of cots in the cooler and dryer air.  We're looking forward to some fires in the fire pit on cooler evenings.  Home made afghans over ourselves during nap times.  Fresh apples and cider and lots of comfort foods.  Fall is great.
     You know how I love colors! This was a beautiful gift from a tender and thoughtful heart this week.  Yellow is so inviting.  Thank you once again for the beautiful roses.

     Thank you to all my faithful friends and followers here.  It has been a busy time for several weeks now and I haven't been posting as much as I had been. Things are looking up though and I'm going to try harder.  I love you all and until next time, be safe and well and, "feel those colors".    


  1. Sending you all big hugs with love and prayers xx

    1. Thank you so very much Cucki. Both can be felt and we appreciate them.

  2. Really nice post, very thoughtful and thankful. Love the baby afghan, pretty color and pattern. Prayers and comforting thoughts to you and yours. My name is Linda Lee as well!

  3. Afghans, apple cider, pumpkin spice, falling leaves coming back to earth to feed the next generation of leaves next spring... it's all good my friend!
    Giant hugs to you and Sir Hubby!
    Much love my new blogging sister,
    Beth P
    P.S. You do what calls at the moment, we will all be here when you have the time and emotional energy!

  4. Olá! Que bom amiga que tudo estÁ bem por aí.As flores estão lindas.Bjs

  5. I see a lot of love in this post. Looks like everyone is plugging along and enjoying time together when you can.


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