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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Giveaway Winner!

     Is Shirley over at  Email me Shirley at your full name and address and I'll get the fun box out to you.  I so hope you enjoy the goodies inside.  It was fun for me. Congratulations Shirley!  Thank you to all who submitted their names, and there will be another giveaway in the future.

     Bill is doing well with the radiation treatments and did number eight this morning.  A little tired he is, but other than that, he's great.  Nice to have the weekend ahead when he doesn't have any treatments and he can have the time for himself.  Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.  All are appreciated so very much.

     Until next time, be safe, take care and "feel the colors".  Love to all.


  1. My Dear, first of all again the best wishes for Bill, spend a nice and relaxing weekend together, take good care of each other and thanks a lot for your giveaway.
    Last, but not lease - congratulations to Shirley !!
    lovely greetings from Vienna,

  2. LindaLee -Thinking of you and your hubby, as he goes through his session of treatments. I remember looking forward to my late afternoon nap on the days I had mine. Remind Bill not to feel guilty taking time for his :) Take care...

    Congrats to Shirley!! Have fun with your box of goodies... I hope you'll share a pic of what you got :)

  3. Enjoy your weekend with Bill ~ and congrats to Shirley!

  4. Enjoy your weekend
    Congrats to shirlee x

  5. Hi Linda Lee,I just got home from doing a craft show today and saw I was the winner of your box of goodies. Yippee, Yippee, for me. I am anxious to see what is in my box of goodies. I won a door prize at the craft show. It had been a bummer of a week with Hubby being sick. They thought it was the flu, but wasn't. Haven't got all of the lab work back. He was feeling better today. I keep praying for Bill and You. Has he ever been sick with his radiation treatment? Thank You for choosing me. Many Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  6. Hi Linda Lee, it was so good to hear from you and your comments about NH from someone who knows how it is here! I am so tired from the stress, and a few minutes ago I had to get into an argument with the logging company guys because one of them being really nasty to my husband. This is right outside my front door so it is impossible to ignore and they have set up their truck station where they turn the lesser trees into sawdust and load the logs onto the trucks (can you imagine what a machine that can take an entire tree and make it into sawdust sounds like?) right out in front of my driveway... because we rent we have no control over the issue and really neither would the owner of my property since the land being logged belongs to someone else. I told the men I just wanted them to get done and get out of here... the quicker the better. I think I will just go and sit and have a cup of tea and a good cry now... :(
    I don't know how I was not following your blog... I remedied that!
    Hugs and thanks again for your comforting words...
    Beth P


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