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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Has Spring Sprung?

     I was ready to say that it has, but here we have a day that is so bitterly cold due to a strong wind.  The sun is shining nice and bright though and Bill has the wood stove going.  So it's warm and cozy inside.
     I do have to also show you some things here in this part of NC that tells me it is indeed very close to spring.  First the Hyacinths in the back yard.

Big fat bumble bees in my cherry tree.

Our Egyptian onion is up and ready to set onions.

Oh! I also had a beautiful breezy day to air out all my scarves on the line.  Now there's some colors for you!

     I've been doing some crocheting on my shawl and it's nearly done.  Next blog, I'll post a picture for ya'll to see.  I've also been stitching on my "Quaker Diamonds" piece also.  Things seem to become so busy at times that I feel that I neglect my needlework, but I do what I want to do at the time and have no regrets.  I enjoy my needlework, and I also enjoy my family and great friend.  I am blessed beyond words.

     Speaking of busy.....We're getting some work done on the house starting today.  Well the work was actually started quite some time back and we ran out of know how as well as ambition I think.  So some finishing up and all will be underway and hopefully, once most of it is indeed done, I'll be painting all the rooms.  That's the exciting part to me! It's all about color you know!

     I see that I have some new followers and I thank you for stopping in and deciding that my blog is worth it! I love each and every one of you and am so glad you're here.  I'll be visiting ya'll as well and will mention your blogs on here as I do visit.

     Until next time.  Be safe and well.  Stay warm and enjoy all the blessings each and every day.  Of course one last thing... Remember to "feel the colors".


  1. your spring flowers are looking good x

  2. Fun airing out your scarves that way. I should do that too.
    You have some blooms. The wind sure can make a day no fun.

  3. I'm so ready for spring and loved seeing your beautiful flowers!

  4. Good morning LindaLee,
    What a delightful post with all the gorgeous Spring flowers poking up from the earth - beautiful site, but we won't see it here for some time.
    Your scarves are a picture in itself - such vibrant colors.
    This seems to be the time for sprucing up our homes too - just like mother nature does. We are in that process as well. I love it though.


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