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Sunday, March 2, 2014

This and That

     As the title indicates, I've been doing a little of this and a little of that.  Just enjoying what there is to do and to work with.  Seems there are never enough hours in the day though, and I know a lot of you feel the same way.

     I do want to post this picture which I just never got around to when I took it.  I want to prove to all my dear friends and followers here that you're always on my mind.  I saw this vehicle last fall and just knew that there were two reasons I needed to take the picture.  I love colors and this seemed to have so many of them, but the most important reason was the fact that all these frogs were in one area at once.  For my friends who love to cross stitch, you'll be pleased to know that I told these creatures to stay right where they were first of all.  Also! They're stuck on that vehicle pretty darn good, so they aren't going anywhere on their own for sure! Excellent.  They even tried to trick me when I checked out the

 back of the vehicle.  Where there are cross stitch lovers, no frogs come in peace!

     I've been working on a little whimsical nest for my little daughter-in-law for her birthday today.  He name is Robin and she loves blues, so went with blues and whites for the most part.  I have a teeny tiny felt craft Robin in the nest itself under a feather.  I do hope she'll like it.

Can you see the tiny bird peeking out?

     Have been enjoying my cross stitching and have been working a little on "Stitcher's Language".  Loving it.  Such pretty colors.

     I also got the yarn that I had ordered for the shawl, and after three tries, I finally caught on and am moving right along now.  I've knitted since I was five and thought I'd never run across a problem understanding a pattern, but this one did challenge me.  I'm liking the results though as the colors change.  I'll keep

you posted on this one as it grows.  Yarn is very soft so it won't be scratchy around the neck.

     I could kick myself today! Bill and I and David got together yesterday and I never thought about bringing my camera.  The three of us always have a great time.  First stop was a once a year inside yard sale where we all found some things. We went into downtown New Bern to the farmer's market.  A second hand store that David showed us.  Loved the store! Huge with so many and all kinds of different items.  David and I had to laugh as my son has been looking for a hand juicer for oranges for "years" he says.  Has "never been able to find one" he had told me. "New or used! Never! Not anywhere!" LOL.  We found about a dozen or more in this store yesterday, and yes, I did pick one up for him.
Looked for egg cups for him also, but didn't see any at all.  We then went out to get some fresh fried flounder.  A wonderful day.

     I just looked and the outside temperature is 72 right now.  A wonderful sunny day.  We see also that there is another storm coming across the states that will probably come our way as well, and we won't be welcoming it for sure.  I shouldn't be complaining though, as we have had it easy compared to so many other parts of the US.

     Well my dear friends and followers.  I will let you be for this time around.  It's Sunday! Kick back and relax before the work week starts up.  You all have a safe week and be well.  Love each and every one of you, and don't forget to "feel those colors".



  1. Yikes - shoo frog! Haahaa! I love your shawl - beautiful! Lovely stiching - cute bird nest too!

    1. Well thank you for the comments and for stopping in. I always love a visit!

  2. What a fab van!
    Lovely stitching and the shawl is looking very pretty (:

  3. Thank you Bramble! The van really caught my eye! It was in Myrtle Beach that I saw that, so will check next trip there to make sure all frogs are still in place! I'm enjoying working on the shawl and it works up fast.

  4. That van is really cool!!! Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping in Linda. I too thought the van was really cool!


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