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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Good Morning

     A beautiful morning here in eastern NC with a beautiful sunrise as well. Temperatures are becoming cooler and you can feel that crisp air moving slowly in.  Perfect mornings to sit out on the porch with that first cup of coffee.  Even with the weather changing though, I can still see roses blooming and the herb garden out did itself this year.  I put in lemon grass this year and had no idea that it would wind up being four feet tall.
     Bill finally begins his radiation treatments today.  The first of 40 total.  I'm glad that the treatments are finally beginning for him.  This whole journey started in March, so it's about time for sure.  He had to heal up real good from his surgery before they could start though.  I just found this picture online at our church's site and wanted to share it.  Bill was helping in the kitchen at a back to school bash that the church had.

     Yesterday we went to our Yoga class.  Only our second time, but we enjoy it so much.  Will be unrolling our mats to practice here at home for sure.  You sure feel good after one of these sessions and that reminds me! A gift that our son and daughter-in-law gave us before they left for NH.  This flea is doing some Yoga himself, and she wanted us to be inspired by him.  He does indeed do that, as when I look at him, I remember to check my breathing and my footing.  He's a cute little guy at about an overall height of six inches.

     Went to Hobby Lobby on Monday and picked up some yarn for a baby afghan.  Our first great grand is a baby girl, expected in late November, so pink is perfect.  Especially since Olive Jane's room will be pink and brown.  So here's the start of the project.  A very bright pink indeed.

     Also picked up more yarn for a shawl for myself.  I love the colors in it.

     I have a little more done on the big black spider and it's a fun stitch.

One last thing before I go.  Don't forget to look back at my August 14th. post and read up on my giveaway.  The date of the drawing is creeping up and I want to give everyone a chance.  I think it will be a fun gift box to receive.

Until next time my sweet friends and followers, be well and be safe.  Come back and visit often.  Don't forget to "feel the colors".    


  1. Sweet yarn...very pretty color..
    Nice stitching.
    Hugs x

  2. Your pink afghan looks so soft, and I'm sure it will be loved.

  3. Hi, Linda Lee,
    I'm keeping you and DH in my thoughts and prayers as he begins radiation treatments. Hopefully, they will fly by and he won't have any side effects...

  4. dear Linda Lee,

    best wishes, good luck und god's blessing for Bill!
    Please tell him we again want to see such nice photos when he helps in the kitchen.
    greetings from Vienna,

    1. Thank you so much Monika. Your wishes, luck and God's blessings are very much appreciated. I will for sure tell Bill that we need more pictures for this blog. You have a wonderful blessed week Monika, and stop in again soon. By the way, I'm your newest follower.

  5. Best wishes to Bill for his treatment, I hope it goes well.
    Beautiful knitting and sewing too!

    1. Thank you so much Meggie. There has been another hold up, but it's all good. You have a wonderful week.

  6. Sending prayers that Bill's treatments go well. Love the color pink ~ and such pretty colors for your shawl!

  7. Prayers for strength and grace for your husband as he undergoes his treatments. Looking forward to seeing your shawl with the pretty yarn you picked!

  8. Sending prayers to Bill. And congratulations on going to be a great-grandmother. Can't wait to see pictures.

  9. Love the shade of pink for the baby blanket. Enjoy seeing the new fall items you have on display. Your Joe Pye Weed is so pretty and you are so lucky to have a beautiful stand of Pampas Grass. Sending prayers your way for you and your husband. Also sent you an email as I can not email from here. In subject line 123 message board. Bonnie

  10. Lovely stitching as usual! I will certainly be keeping Bill and you in my prayers. Blessings to you both.

  11. Good Morning, I am trying to catch up with my friends. I have been a little missing in action with having cataract surgery on my left eye and they are scheduling the right eye. I didn't realize it would make such a difference. I have you and Bill on my prayer list. I am praying that he doesn't have any side effects to his treatments. It has turned off hot again here. Have a wonderful day and I love the pink yarn so pretty. Many hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  12. All the best for Bill. Sure looks like he's got spirit! That will help a lot.
    Love yoga! Discovered it while recuperating from our car wreck. Have my own mat to do it at home. I download yoga class podcasts on itunes and can choose them by area (hips, arms, etc.) or just let it be random. Cute flea doing yoga.


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